Advanced Nursing Practice


Step 6: Plan Time FrameYour Plan Time Frame: In OL500, you answered the following:As you begin to explore and revise the plan for your Leadership Development be prepared to put time frames on things and move at the pace you find you need to as you continue your education and also pursue your Leadership Development. Also remember as you move forward it is never done. Development is an inevitable part of all we do and how we do it!Week 6 you will copy/paste your response and then write your revision and reflection on why you added or changed your initial Plan Time Frame or why you did not change any of your initial plan. Please submit in Blackboard.

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Advanced Nursing Practice
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  1. Every day is a stepping-stone in this journey. Every day I am learning something new. All I can do is move at my own pace, continue learning and don’t rush things. So at this point I plan to stay the course and being available for whatever opportunities GOD sends my way

Advanced Nursing Practice


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