Alien Abductions

Alien abductionsAs you will have seen from the information included in this unit, there are certainly differences of opinion about the subject of UFOs and more specifically, alien abductions. The former topic has been part of American culture for many decades, but many historians place the really well-known examples of what we would today call a “UFO sighting” at about 1896, when the great airship sightings began in California and spread over the next year or so to the Midwest, where thousands of people claimed to have seen this. (Interestingly, some of the claims made by witnesses include the occupants of the airship capturing and dismembering of, yup, you guessed it, cattle. Strange….)Fast forwards to today, and we have been confronting another aspect of the modern UFO phenomenon, and that has to do with what has become known as alien abductions. This info presented in this unit does a good job of explaining the nuts and bolts of this, and also there is information from a well-known UFO skeptic as well. It’s important to read both sides of this bizarre phenomena, because even if you don’t believe in it, there are certainly very significant psychological questions surrounding the many people who claim to have been abducted that have to be addressed. Are all of these people, most of whom do not wish to be identified, just nuts? Probably not, but do their experiences have to be the result of aliens kidnapping and studying them in some sort of crude experiment? Maybe not, but again, you be the judge on that.Anyway, this line of reasoning ends up with the belief that current UFO contacts and alien abductions are really just our modern interpretation of similar events that our ancestors experienced, but of course today we explain these events in modern ways – like aliens from outer space piloting interstellar vehicles coming at night and performing medical experiments upon usually sleeping and unwilling participants. Sometimes, there is a sexual component and some women have claimed that the creatures have explained to them that they wish to create some form of human/alien baby. Sounds Crazy? Well, read on….Maybe it is crazy, but it might also sound familiar. If you have ever read folklore or stories from older cultures, you might have heard of the incubus, which is an evil spirit that will visit the unwilling at night and have sexual relations, and the resulting baby has been described as demonic, possessed or other not-so-nice ways. A religious culture may interpret these events as the incubus, while a modern technological society might very well describe this in terms like…… and here is the question.If we buy this argument that alien abductions of today are really a modern interpretation of events that have been occurring forever, then how do we do this? What would you say would be the ways in that we, as technological and scientific beings of the 21st century, describe these events in ways that make them seem like they are truly part of the UFO phenomenon of alien creatures flying around in space vehicles? In short, what makes these encounters as they are described to support this view that what is happening is, in fact, abductions by aliens (and not the incubus or other older explanation?) And, do you think that this makes these claims to be basically rubbish or do you think it adds credibility to the events as claimed? Are we just using our scientific view of the world and the galaxy of today to try to explain these events, or do you think that there is something genuinely going on?*Use the following links/resources to answer the above question. Answer should be no less than 500 words, include appropriate citations and be free from grammaticFor more information on Alien Abductions check on this:

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