American Government

Please answer both questions and also use APA format

1.During the past half-century, the United States has undergone a revolution in the legal status of its traditionally disadvantaged groups, including African Americans, women, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans. Such groups are now provided equal protection under the law in areas such as education, employment, and voting. However, the legal gains of disadvantaged groups over the past half-century have not been matched by material gains. Although progress in areas such as education, income, and health care has been made, it has been slow. Tradition, prejudice, and the sheer difficulty of social, economic, and political progress stand as formidable obstacles to achieving a more equal America.

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American Government
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Provide three examples of persistent inequality in contemporary American society. Identify three strategies that have been used to achieve a more equal America. Be sure to use citations as appropriate.


2. Thomas Jefferson believed that the foundation of liberty was personal freedom, while John Adams saw its foundation in a powerful American state that could protect the American way of life, of which personal freedom was a part. Today, the friction between personal freedom and state power continues to be a source of furious debate. Where should the balance be struck? Consider the question in the context of national security, law and order, and a society that prizes personal freedom and choice. Provide specific examples to support your response. Be sure to use citations as appropriate.For more information on American Government read this:

American Government

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