An Early 2000’s Video Game Console Rivalry

ETCS-108 – Computer, Internet and Society Term Paper Guidelines

Term paper and presentations are 30% of your final grade. (15% each).
Conduct an extensive research on the selected topic.
Give a brief background and explanation regarding the development of the selected topic.
Break the topic into sub topics to simplify the explanation and to keep it interesting.
Provide clear and comprehensive details in your own words. Keep the paper interesting with facts, diagrams, graphs, pictures, etc.
Provide conclusion of the topic. Also, include one paragraph on “Learning Outcome/Experience.”
Provide References.

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An Early 2000’s Video Game Console Rivalry
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Double-space the text of your paper and use Times New Roman font size 12pt. for text.

Papers must be at least 8-10 pages not including a cover page and references. Include page # and TOC.
You may follow the MLA style.

10. The title page MUST include:

a. Your name: First->Last

b. ID#

c. Course Name and #

d. Instructor’s Name

e. Semester

f. Title of your paper

11. Remember: plagiarism is an unforgivable academic sin. There will be zero points for the term paper.

12. Due on or before the Final exam.For more information on An Early 2000’s Video Game Console Rivalry read :

An Early 2000's Video Game Console Rivalry

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