Analytical Essay

Book America A Narrative History v1 David Emory SHI Part four A HOUSE DIVIDED AND REBUILT

Analytical Essay 4
Considering everything we have learned in this module, compose in 3 to 4 pages in 12 point Arial font, an argumentative essay that includes the following four components:.
An Introductory paragraph that explains the most important reason for the position you take, i.e. your primary thesis. Also, briefly mention the two or three most important supporting points for your argument.
A Body consisting of a descriptive paragraph for each of the two or three most important factors that supports your thesis.
A two or three sentence statement that recognize the potential counter-arguments with which your thesis must contend.
A Conclusion that fully sums up your argument and makes a statement about the larger implications of your analysis.
You will choose and address one (1) of the following prompts:
With an understanding that slavery was the primary cause for the outbreak of the American Civil War, make an argument that identifies and explains, beginning with the Compromise of 1850, why the northern and southern states could not reconcile sectional or economic interests, nor differences in perceptions of “race.” Which of these three issues proved most divisive?
Identify and explain the role that American notions of “manifest destiny” played in westward expansion. You should mention the role of “race,” religion, and economics in pushing Americans west. Which of the three proved the primary impetus in this movement?

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Analytical Essay
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Analytical Essay

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