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You will choose 4 articles, blog posts or podcasts either from the links included or that you have found on your own. For each article you will write 1-2 paragraphs where you: 1)briefly summarize the content and then 2) in a few sentences connect it to vocabulary words, terms or concepts discussed in the texts or in the powerpoint slides or videos. Use 1-3 words, terms or concepts per entry


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Anthropology blog posts Assignments | Custom Homework Help
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This article has links to other articles that discuss the most interesting archaeological discoveries in the past decade. You cannot use this article as an entry, but you can use linked articles. You can use other articles posted to the blog as well. This is just a good starting point.

Origin Stories

This is a collection of podcasts put out by the Leaky foundation.

This is a blog put out by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Focus on articles that have to do with material we’ve covered in the text, although other articles can be used for your group presentations, or extra credit assignments

From the about page on their blog “In 2010, American Anthropologist called Savage Minds “the central online site of the North American anthropological community” whose “value is found in the quality of the posts by the site’s central contributors, a cadre of bright, engaged, young anthropology professors.”


Put each entry on its own page.

Include the website in parentheses (

Please include the name of the textbook you are using, the author and the edition at the beginning of the assignment. For terms and concepts, cite using the page number or title of the powerpoint or video.

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