APA Formating

Read the following scenario.A former City of Arizona colleague sets up a consulting business and approaches you for a letter of

reference. He submits a draft document, which makes mention of several projects for which he is

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taking credit. You know that he was a minor player in one of these and feel uncomfortable with his

suggestion that the letter be on city letterhead, “just to make it more official.”


In 500-750 words, put yourself in the scenario and use the results of your “personal values

assessment” from the textbook, then do the following:

1.  Explain how you would approach the situation, if you were put in the scenario, based on your

personal values assessment.

2. Describe how your personal values inform and instruct your personal power.

Use two to four scholarly resources to support your explanations.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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