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Argumentative Essay
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For this essay, you will craft your own argument about a topic of your choice. Your argument must include figurative language, secondary information (at least 2 sources), and ethos/pathos/logos (rhetoric). The essay should be 800-1200 words in length. At the end of the essay, you should include a 100-word explanation of the argumentative elements that you used and how they contributed to the rhetorical effectiveness of your essay.



Pick a topic you are interested in that you can also conduct research about.

Identify what your stance will be and what position you will argue in favor of.

Conduct research to find secondary sources that back up your position. It might also benefit you to find a source that suggests a counterargument to your point.

Write a well-researched thesis that asserts your claim. Develop body paragraphs that support your thesis with specific details about the topic and your research.


have to choose on of this type of essay

Classical – Sales Structure


Establishes common ground with the audience

Shows the audience how they are affected by the argument

Establishes author’s credibility


Provides reasons and evidence

Acknowledges counterarguments

Provides relevant background info


Summarizes the argument

Calls for action


Toulmin – Assertive Structure


Presents the claim

Qualifies the claim – this means it keeps the argument narrow


Presents reasons and evidence

Acknowledges counterarguments

Provides relevant background info


Restates the argument

Discusses the implications of the argument and why it matters

Identifies what readers should think or do


Rogerian – Problem Solving Structure


Identifies an issue and describes it

Acknowledges various viewpoints on the issue

Is very respectful


Discusses various positions

Presents reasons and evidence showing how each position might be acceptable in certain circumstances

States the author’s position

Focuses on the common themes throughout all positions


Proposes a resolution, potentially a compromise

Explains how resolution would positively impact readers.For more information on  Argumentative Essay read :

Argumentative Essay

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