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Introduction: Replace this text with your own Art Research Paper information. For the opening paragraphs, you will introduce the artwork you have chosen: list the artist, the title of the artwork, the date, subject, the medium used, and which museum you visited (in person, or virtually). Insert a photo of the actual art chosen here:

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Art Critique Paper
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The word count for this paper is at least 500 words. This paper is 25% of your final grade, so do a thorough job on this assignment. Software plagiarism will be used when you submit your paper, so be sure to cite all of your sources within quotation marks, and paraphrase everything – in your own words, your own thoughts! Use APA guidelines for this paper. You are encouraged to visit a museum or gallery in your local area. However, if this is not possible, you can take a virtual museum trip using the links provided under the Week 3 Module called “Visual Arts Resources and Art Links.”
Art Analysis: Using the methods described in Chapter 5 – Evaluating Art, in the second section, you will analyze parts of the artwork and how they fit together. How does the choice of medium affect the work (see Chapters 6-14)? Specifically mention what formal elements did the creator use (see Chapter 3) – discuss the use of line, light, color, texture, shape and space? Assess the work in its context: Does it fit into a movement or time period? Does it lead the way to a new movement, or follow behind? Consider also its place in the artist’s’ overall output. If the work was created years ago, how was it received at the time?
Art Evaluation: In this final section, use one of the three types of art criticism discussed in Chapter 5 (specifically mention if the criticism is formal, contextual, or expressive) to assess the quality or historical importance of the work. Is it innovative? Does it move your feelings? Does it express a particular time period or artist’s personality? Does it communicate a social vision or cause? Is it ravishingly beautiful, or challenging to the eyes? What function might the work fulfill, and how effectively does it accomplish this?
Conclusion: Sum up your experience of examining your chosen artwork and your museum visit. Discuss what you have learned in your concluding sentences.For more information on Art Critique Paper read :

Art Critique Paper

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