Bioethics Healthcare



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Bioethics Healthcare
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Essay 7 Questions – Payig for Health Care


Answer all parts of all questions



(a) What is radical libertarianism? Explain.


(b) Would radical libertarianism favor a tax supporting any of the following. Explain why or why not.

Public education
Sewerage systems in a community
Orphaned or neglected children suffering from malnutrition or lack of medical care

(c) Explain what adverse selection and free riding are. Why are they important to insurance? Explain. (10 pts)


(d) Explain two different ways of, or approaches to, justifying universal health care. (5 pts)


(e) Describe three major features of the Affordable Care Act. (5 pts)


(f) Avik Roy (in “How to Transcend Obamacare”) and John Geyman (in “Some Lessons from the Affordable Care Act…”) argue for a view of health insurance. Explain their positions. Do they agree with one another? Explain. (10 pts)


(g) Do you think that people have a right to health care? Do you think that it is fair to tax people in order provide health care? Explain. (5 pts)For more information on  Bioethics Healthcare check this:

Bioethics Healthcare

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