Humanities research paper topics for college student

Did you know you will spend much of your time writing research papers in college? It is important then that you learn various humanities research paper topics for your essay? Stay onboard to get some humanities final project ideas for your end of the semester. Humanities research paper topics for a college student:
What are humanities courses?
It’s a field of study that deals with daily everyday societal activities. Humanities courses are about human beings and how they interact with their environment.  Writing humanities topics for a research paper requires passion and diligence. Have an interest in daily activities such as politics, culture, economy, and religion to succeed in this course.  It’s in these daily happenings that you will get a topic to write for your essay.

How to select social sciences research topics for college students
The internet has dozens of humanities issues that you can choose from. How do you know which topic is best for your end-of-year project? To answer this question, you need insight on a few things.
Know your field of study
The first step in selecting a research paper topic for a humanities class is knowing what your course deals with.  Humanities are composed of different subjects such as psychology, economics, political science, sociology, and anthropology. Each deals with a specific aspect of society. 
When searching for what to write, the internet may not show you whether a topic is for a psychology or sociology course. Without comprehensive knowledge about your area of study, you may find yourself writing the wrong title.  Let’s look at a few topics that confuse students. Where do you think each category falls?

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Humanities research paper topics for college student
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The Meaning of Caste and Social Classes in India
Class Struggle and Social Conflict
Personality disorders

Here is an explanation for the answers. The first topic would be sociology because it talks about society and how people interact with each other. The second title is for political science—it about power distribution and struggle. Finally, the third concept perfectly fits psychology, which deals with people as individuals and not corporate entities.
Choose your topic from a recent debate
It’s essential to write on a new subject or one that is less explored.  The purpose of a research topic about humanities and social sciences is to offer a solution to existing societal problems.  Discussing issues that happened decades ago does not serve this purpose.
Be up to date with current issues in your country and make them your humanities research topics.  You will write valuable content that you can turn into a lifetime solution in your community. For instance, what is the most significant political complaint in your society; Abuse of power or Corruption? What political science theory can you use to explain this situation?
Choose your research paper topics from trusted sources
Not every site ranked first on Google is a suitable source for your research paper. Look for credible information to use in your project. Such work requires determination, research, and dedication.
Use different keywords to search for humanities research paper topic.  If your current routine does not work, it’s time to look for a new method. For instance, assume you want to write about the current debate on abortion, but you have no concrete information yet.  You can try using different phrases such as abortion debate or views or when life begins. One of these phrases will give you a pool of materials.
 Be unique in your selection
A good research topic should be uncommon and thoughtful.  Let your reader distinguish a report written by a college student from that of a high schooler. Do not go to the bare surface to select your topic. Even if it’s a current issue, ensure you write a part that will show creativity.  For instance, if it’s about the CORONA virus and economy, avoid choosing topics such as the effect of the disease on people. Everybody knows it.
Research your topic
Getting an interesting research topic to write about is not a hurried task. You need to invest some time in knowing what will amuse your readers even as you communicate.  The internet has dozens of resources you can use for your project. 
The best way to research your topic is to have an interest. It enables you to know what to look for and what to write.  You will have an easy time removing irrelevant ideas in your research if you deeply connect with your course.
Select a valuable humanities research paper topic
Not every current debate is worth becoming a social science research topic.  Some are good when they only remain as a debate. They do not have any value beyond what each party thinks and the conflict involved. Always ensure your paper is adding value to your country and community.
There are primary reasons for research. Its purpose is to add knowledge to the existing body, solve a problem and fill a research gap.   Before choosing a topic of study, ask yourself whether your research fulfills any of these reasons. If your answer is no, you need to go back to the drawing board and develop another topic.
Submit your topic to your lecturer first before making it your area of study
The most frustrating experience in research writing is for your lecturer to reject your religion research paper topic.  It’s a common encounter among college students where a tutor requests you to select another topic for various reasons. It’s even worse when you have completed writing your research paper topic.

Students have never been satisfied with any explanation given for their topic’s cancellation. Lecturers give excuses such as broad topic, poor quality, vague topic, or unconstructive writing.  To avoid such drama, it’s always safe to let your lecturer have a look at your paper and advice accordingly.
The good thing is that your humanities research paper topic will be approved even if it takes time.  Some lecturers will try to frustrate you, especially when writing a thesis project. Sometimes they are unavailable or busy. The worst thing is when you have to write several topics before approval. Press on until you get what you want.
Top 10 research topics to write
The internet has dozens of humanities research paper examples you can use for your essay. Here are some examples.
1.      Research paper topics  on child development
These are humanities research paper topics that deal with child-related issues.   They discuss how children develop and the factors affecting their growth. These topics are primarily for psychologists and social workers.
Some humanities research examples in this category include the effects of CORONA on child education and development, parents coping with the change of sleep patterns among children, and challenges faced in caring for physically challenged children.
The best place to get humanities topics in this field is to visit websites dealing with justice, human rights, and advocacy. You will find dozens of new debates to use in your essay because they publish developing stories each day.   
2.     Religion research paper topics
Another area of study in humanities research topics is religion. There are new things to study in this field. There is a new story about religion every day. You only need to know where to get information.
Religious studies involve discussing people’s believes and how they affect their daily activities and choices. We can define religion as a belief system used by people to determine what is right or wrong. Your atheist, pagan, Christian or Muslim, is your religion.  It affects how you do your daily activities, which makes it a large field of study.
Religious issues have taken root in the current society.  Many have abandoned their religion during the CORONA virus pandemic, claiming that it’s not offering them any solution. On the other hand, some have become more faithful to the teachings of their religion.  
Select the best religious topics in the world and do your research. For instance, you can discuss the role of religion today or the effects of religion on norms and behaviors in society. Ensure that whatever you choose will bring value to research.
3.      Political science topics
Another exciting humanities research paper example is political science. It’s a subject that deals with the use and distribution of power in society. It also explains why we have an unstable community of the rich and the poor and the solution.
The question of equality, liberty, corruption, and justice has become an everyday debate. Governments have become corrupt and powerful that no one can question their actions. Research on this field will help society and scholars better understand what is in the world today.
Your humanities research paper can answer some of the pressing questions in society. For instance, why do good people become corrupt and intolerant when they get into power? According to political scientists “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Such answers will help society to stop being over expectant about their leaders.
4.      International relations topics
Another area of exploration in social science research topics for college students is how countries relate. Topics on international relations are interesting, especially when governments are closing their borders against infected countries.
Countries are breaking their agreements with other nations to protect their land from harm and danger. Researching on these international relations issues is an excellent idea.  People want to know the implication of breaking these bonds established long ago.
5.      Economic related topics
You can find dozens of these topics on the internet.  Economic subjects have gained popularity recently in this time when the CORONA virus pandemic has destroyed many countries. People have lost their jobs, the government continues to print money, and inflation is lingering. Society needs an economist to explain the current situation and give a solution. Is the world heading to another 2008 economic crisis?
There is no limit to what you can write on economics. For instance, you can discuss the effects of bulk printing of money on our economy, how people are joining cryptocurrency to escape inflation and the impact of BREXIT on the British economy.
6.      Philosophical topics
It’s a field of study that mainly deals with ethical issues in society. It explains what is moral and immoral in a community using some widely accepted theories.  Philosophical discussions have increased with rising of technology and new culture.
Ethics and morality are a daily conversation in society. Most of these discussions involve the use of technology to harm human beings. The current moral issues include surrogacy, cloning, abortion, and LGBT.  Using the knowledge gained in class, you can help society unravel these unending issues.  For instance, you can use utilitarian and deontological theories to define moral and immoral activities.
7.      Gender issues
Gender issues have become a daily conversation at home, school, and work. People fight over equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal roles.  The subject of gender deals with a societal label for what is a male or a female. People have never agreed on this topic which has brought debates in all ages. The only thing that changes is the gender issues involved.
The gender issue is among the best research paper topics for a humanities class you can explore. Discuss how the CORONA virus pandemic has redefined gender roles as everyone works from home. For instance, are family members sharing duties equally?  Are there discrimination cases? Has domestic violence increased or decreased?
8.      Stress-related topics
The world will likely announce stress and depression as a pandemic in the next few years. Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from this condition increases on a daily basis daily. It’s even worse during the COVID 19 pandemic where people have lost jobs, properties, and loved ones. Exploring some humanities topics in this field will help society solve such its burdens.
Stress and depression are broad fields with different topics. For instance, you can discuss the effect of COVID 19 on mental health, how to cope with depression during and how to encourage less stressful situations.
9.      Human activities and Climate change
Climate change subject is also under humanities research paper topics. The world has seen an uproar everywhere, demanding that leaders should protect our environment. Industrialization and economic development are the major contributors to pollution.
An exploration of how your daily activities interfere with the environment would be great. For instance, how does using your car instead of a school bus or using high energy-consuming products interfere with the environment?
10. Rural-urban migration
The world has seen an increase in rural-urban migration. People are moving to cities in large numbers. As a social scientist, you understand that this movement has different implications on society and resources. There is so much to explore on this topic.
The government and policymakers want an informed perspective on how to deal with this challenge. For instance, what plans should they put in place to sustain the city? Do they have enough infrastructure?  Are the available social amenities enough for the larger society?
Final verdict
This article has discussed various humanities research paper topics you can write for your end-of-semester exams.  We have also looked at how you can successfully select a topic of study. Use these tips to help you write your project or contact us to get customized essays with appropriate research paper topics.

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