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How to Write an Essay on a Book You Didn’t Read

As students, we’ve all been there at some point – assigned a book for a class that we simply didn’t have time to read or found challenging to understand. While it’s always best to read the book in its entirety, sometimes circumstances prevent us from doing so. There are various strategies you can employ to […]

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How To Cite a Lecture In APA, MLA, and CHICAGO Style

Learning to cite your lectures is a crucial skill you should attain in the academic world. Whether writing a research paper or assignments, citing your classes ensures you give credit to your tutor and avoid plagiarism in your essay. If you lack knowledge of how to cite a lecture, you are at the right place. […]

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A Proofreading Checklist for Students

The importance of proofreading is for you to ensure that your academic work is error-free and of high standards. You should take advantage of a proofreading checklist and other helpful tips such as utilizing proofreading tools to make corrections or adjustments to your work before submitting them. Below, is a helpful proofreading checklist for you […]

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Importance of Proofreading in Academic Writing (Tips Included)

Academic writing is an essential skill every student must master to succeed. It is the medium through which students communicate their ideas, opinions, and research findings to their professors, peers, and the academic community. However, academic writing can be challenging, incredibly when affirming the accuracy, clarity, and coherence of your ideas and spelling out the […]

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How to ask for an extension on an assignment (with samples)

As the end of the spring semester 2023 approaches, you may need more time to complete an assignment. Perhaps you’ve experienced a personal emergency, a technical difficulty, a deadline clash, or underestimated the required work. The prospect of requesting an extension can be daunting, as you may be concerned about your instructor’s response, potential loss […]

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8 Ways Professors Check for Plagiarism in 2023

A student’s busy schedule sometimes tempts them to look for other options to complete assignments quickly without being overwhelmed. These alternatives include writing services and AI tools to create unique academic papers. When these alternatives do not work, they prefer taking shortcuts that cause them to submit substandard papers posing risks to their reputation and […]

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