100+ best marketing research topics

100+ best marketing research topics

Do you experience challenges in choosing a good marketing research topic to write about? Worry not. This article provides 100+ best marketing research topics.

As a marketing student, you must have a lot of resources to get good research paper topics. This includes the internet, the college library, and the course.

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100+ best marketing research topics
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Writing your marketing research paper can be a daunting task. This happens when you are brainstorming topics and do not know what to write about. Before looking at different topics, it is important to know the tips for selecting marketing research topics.

Tips on how to choose the best marketing research paper topics

  1. Keep your interest in mind

You cannot write an interesting research paper if you have no interest in the topic. Consult your friends and family members to get good research paper ideas. After writing the ideas down, it will be easier to look at different themes.

Once you decide on a specific keyword, for example, marketing strategies, search for related papers on the internet. Look at how they have explored various themes and know how to go about it while writing your marketing research paper.

  1. Be factual

Ensure your marketing research paper is based on factual data. You will only achieve this by conducting thorough research. While writing your first draft, ensure your ideas are supported by examples or references from credible research works and academics.

  1. Ensure your topic meets the requirements of your assignment

Failing to follow instructions may lead to poor grades despite writing an interesting research paper. If you are not sure about the instructions, ask your instructor.

  1. Consider the scope of your topic

If your topic is too broad, it may be difficult to find the right information for your research paper. Also, if it`s too narrow, you may not find information at all. Choose a topic that is not too narrow or too broad to research effectively.

  1. Do not wait until the last minute

The majority of students undermine the process of writing until the assignment is almost due. Understand that you cannot write a whole research paper in a single night. To succeed, you need to assign the whole process enough time.

How to choose the right marketing research topics

  1. Brainstorm various research topics

Look at a list of marketing research topics. Have a session for brainstorming to see a topic that works best for you. Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to get a good topic.

Consider trending issues and see whether you can create a topic out of them. Make a list of possible choices and begin the selection process.

  1. Choose a topic

After looking at different marketing topics for a research paper, select a topic that sounds straightforward and obvious. This step is very important especially if you do not want to struggle with the rest of the research paper.

Many students make the mistake of being too specific at the early stages of the research papers. Coming up with a good research paper topic involves an elimination process.

  1. Be specific

At first, you may have a broad concept. Dig deep until you get a specific concept. This will determine whether a topic is worth perusing or not. This process may take a long time and you may keep changing your mind about your topic. Do not worry, the rest of the essay will be easy to handle.

The main idea is to select a broad concept and get a specific element out of it. For example, if your topic is about country music, be specific about making it country. Do not include other genres of music in your essay.

You can be more specific by talking about the influence of the music on Chicago blues and rural Mississippi in the 1970s. This way, you will make your paper more interesting and unique.

  1. Define your topics as questions

After having a specific topic, start developing research question ideas.  This will help in generating the context of your paper. For example, how were the mainstreams Chicago blues affected by the rural Mississippi blues?

  1. Do more research on your topic to create an outline

At this point, you have settled on your marketing research paper topics and questions. Create an outline of what you would like to include in your paper. Write a few sentences to answer your topic question and get ready to begin.

Create your goals and aims with a deadline and a timeline of achieving them. Take note of every step to avoid skipping some important details.

Interesting topics to research

Due to many aspects of marketing, choosing good marketing research paper topics can be a challenge. This guide has explained the tips and the process of selecting good marketing research topics. Main categories where you can get your marketing research topics from;

  • Distribution
  • Relationship marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Nonprofit marketing
  • Market targeting and segmentation
  • Market forecasting and planning
  • Internet marketing
  • Product positioning and design
  • Purchasing and management of materials
  • Advertising direct marketing
  • Current and trending issues in businesses

Marketing thesis topics

Do you require a good marketing dissertation or thesis topic? You are in the right place. Here is a list of research topics you can use for your marketing research paper;

  1. Determination and analysis of Coca-Cola’s consumer buying behavior
  2. Conduct a study of well marketed and famous brands that made a way by selling low-quality products
  3. What is the impact of advertisements on consumer behavior?
  4. Political campaigns and brand advertising: interwoven possible impact
  5. Review the outcomes and effects of adverting in a recession
  6. Conduct exhaustive research on how impulsive buying is exploited by brands
  7. How do ROI and celebrity endorsements affect CPG brands?
  8. How does augmented reality impact marketing experiences?
  9. How will AL assist in making improved marketing experiences?
  10. Conduct a study on the reception and perspective of Americans to the ads targeted according to their history of browsing

Marketing research topics 2021

Many marketing issues are developing in the world today. Such issues affect the existence of businesses in one way or another. It is, therefore, a good area to get your marketing research topics from. Here are some of the research project ideas you can apply;

  1. How has product packaging organizational affected sales, a case study of the retail sector of the United Kingdom
  2. How does E-marketing affect the decisions of consumer purchasing?
  3. Analyze the strategies of customer-centric in attaining business success and achieving competitive advantage
  4. What is the role of informational technology in transforming the approach of marketers towards manipulative advertisement?
  5. Assess the impact of combined marketing communication on the buying behavior of customers
  6. How has digital marketing affected business across the world today?
  7. Digital vs. traditional marketing: a study comparing the last ten years
  8. How is the response of customers to automated interactions in the service industry, has it affected the business?
  9. Has technology succeeded in capturing the voice of customers through artificial intelligence?
  10. Is it possible for businesses to benefit from online search queries to market their products and services appropriately?

Social media marketing research topics

Most people use social media platforms for different reasons. This could be, entertainment, business, among many others. There are also many upcoming and trending issues on social media.

 As a result, you can consider selecting your marketing research topic from this area. Some of the common topics include;

  1. Has social media helped business owners to market their products more effectively?
  2. Is it important to use the statistics of the industry as a benchmark to establish realistic goals?
  3. Should brands plan for global happenings and integrate them into their campaigns?
  4. Is social media a good tool to use for marketing your business?
  5. How is influencer marketing a way of leveraging followers to influence a brand?
  6. Most people spend most of their time on their mobile phones, how can you utilize this to advertise your business?
  7. Do business owners tap on the networking users at ago?
  8. Spams and advertisements; how to differentiate between the two
  9. How has online shopping contributed to improving lifestyles?
  10. Facebook or integral marketing, which one is more effective?
  11. Factors to consider before marketing your products via social media

Marketing research topics 2020

There were very many marketing issues that came up in the year 2020. Some of the issues threatened the survival of a good number of businesses and the economy. Here are the examples of the market issues;

  1. Explain the decline in organic reach on the platforms of social media
  2. The difficulties that business people experienced while building well-recognized brand names
  3. Making readers get the right content
  4. How to understand marketing results
  5. What were the marketing budgets included by BREXIT in the year 2020?
  6. How to optimize profits for businesses using voice search technology
  7. How to bridge the technology gap in studying marketing trends
  8. How to ensure compliance with the general data protection and regulation (GDPR)
  9. Does amazon over depend on the potential customers online?
  10. How COVID 19 affected the global economy

Marketing research topics 2019

Many students do not know how to write interesting 2019 topics for a marketing research paper. This has been made easy and comfortable with the list below. These topics include;

  1. How do organizations use corporate social responsibility (CSR)to ensure there is brand equity
  2. How does social media affect customer’s choices and preferences?
  3. Purchasing products online, conduct a study of product characteristics that many buyers look for
  4. Explore the differences in the strategies or marketing across different cultures
  5. Explore the tactics that brands can use to win more customers
  6. How does brand image affect the perception of customers?
  7. How do TV advertisements affect awareness about certain products?
  8. Find out the reaction of people after being baited into sponsored posts
  9. How can businesses manipulate their customers to purchase services and goods in the category of luxury?

Research topics on digital marketing

Digital marketing is a vital part of marketing in the world today. Here are some unique topics you can choose while writing your marketing research paper;

  1. Differences between organic search and paid search
  2. What are some of the tips for promoting the content of interest?
  3. What are some of the SEO tactics to stay away from so that you do not put our business at risk?
  4. Tips and tactics to improve your social media followers
  5. The best strategies to help you grow your paid social ROAS
  6. Why is it important to follow your competitors on social media platforms?
  7. Do`s and don’ts in social media and digital marketing at large
  8. Steps on creating content that your audience can freely share

Marketing essay topics

  1. The most effective marketing forms and strategies
  2. Trends of internet marketing to expect in future
  3. Important attitudes of a brand that can lead to the loyalty of customers
  4. What marketing approaches broke through a strong monopoly of business?
  5. How has social media affected the behavior of customers buying products and services?
  6. Compare between building the equity of a brand and advertising
  7. How to build trust in your customers through influencer marketing
  8. Effectively generating leads

Research topics on content marketing

  1. Companies tend to make mistakes in marketing their pieces of products, explain 10 graphic design mistakes that they make
  2. Tips for creating captivating e-newsletters that will grab the attention of many people
  3. How to repurpose marketing content for developing business
  4. Putting more micro-content into the efforts of marketing
  5. One-step versus multistep campaigns of content marketing
  6. The five C`s related to the creation of content marketing copy
  7. 10 steps of creating convincing campaigns of content marketing
  8. How to generate more leads and close sales using content marketing

Research topics related to strategic marketing problems

Businesses and companies experience many problems in marketing. These problems tend to threaten their advancements in the industry. This is a good area to get your marketing research topics. Some unique topics in this area include;

  1. Sometimes companies are not in a position to explain delivered products or services, Explain
  2. Why is it challenging for some companies to define their market segment?
  3. How does the lack of innovative commercial departments in a company lead to difficulties in thriving in the current business world?
  4. Effects of missing links between marketing and sales departments
  5. Consequences of lack of well-designed marketing plans in some businesses today
  6. Lac of professional reputation, personal branding, and brand image in businesses today
  7. Can companies and businesses survive without marketing in the world today?

Research topics on marketing blogs

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook advertising in the business world today?
  2. What are some of the benefits of inbound marketing?
  3. Frustrations and problems caused by inbound marketing
  4. Tips on generating followers for your blogs faster
  5. Benefits of content marketing lead management
  6. Explain some of the myths about content marketing that business owners should be aware of
  7. Discuss some of the ideas of social media campaigning that big brands should adapt for growth

Controversial marketing research topics

  1. Do you think Google treats big brands better than small ones?
  2. Is SEO ranking affected by social media in any way?
  3. Is it safe to apply grey SEO techniques while marketing your business?
  4. Is building email lists a good way to sell products and services?
  5. Is it possible for immersion marketing versus technology to be acknowledged?

Topics related to sports marketing

Sports marketing remains a significant source of revenue. As a result, research in this area continues to remain relevant in the world of marketing. Here are some topics you can consider while writing your marketing research paper;

  1. Explain how the amazing content offered by intelligent Chabot’s help sports teams to strengthen the loyalty of their fans
  2. How to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the field of sports marketing
  3. How to capitalize effectively on the wearable markets
  4. Should women and children get more into sports?
  5. Should seniors be denied from getting into some games?

Marketing research topics for presentation

  1. How to master in house search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. What is the path to building, gaining, and retaining more customers
  3. Return on investments (ROI) brand awareness
  4. How to personalize customers communications effectively
  5. How to increase traffic in your website using the best SEO techniques

Topics related to international marketing

It is important to develop international marketing as it connects the whole world. This makes it a good area to get a topic for your marketing research paper. Here are some of the common topics from this area;

  1. How has consumer behavior been affected by globalization?
  2. Compare international and local brands
  3. Between international and local brands, which ones have more advantages?
  4. How to create brand awareness by utilizing global event marketing
  5. Tips on marketing products and services on international levels

 Research paper topics on marketing plan

  1. Benefits of a marketing plan to the success of a product launch or a business at large
  2. How to build a tactical plan of marketing
  3. Differences between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy
  4. What are the indispensable parts in making a marketing plan

Topics related to ethical issues in marketing

  1. What are some of the targeted ads based on the history of the browsers?
  2. Marketing products through virtual reality
  3. Getting into sponsored posts through click-baiting
  4. How to exploit impulsive buying

Topics related to affiliate marketing

  1. How can one find profitable niches in the field of affiliate marketing?
  2. Tips on getting many readers interested in the products you market
  3. The ultimate guide on building a business website
  4. How to write interesting topics for a marketing research site

 Marketing research topics for college students

  1. How to communicate your brand image via social media marketing
  2. Do family orientations affect marketing communication?
  3. Has standardization been incorporated by global marketing?
  4. Do financial institutions have a way of differentiating their goods and services based on different social classes?
  5. The most effective marketing form
  6. What are some of the marketing trends o expect in the future?
  7. How political campaigns can be affected by brand advertising?
  8. Do loyalty cards boost the loyalty of customers and boost sales?
  9. Are young mothers affected by cause marketing on brand affinity?
  10. Do corporate social responsibilities lead to more sales?
  11. Physical buying versus online buying, which one does better?
  12. What leads to people sharing content with their relatives and friends?
  13. Could we be losing the significance and emotional value of money by being a cashless society?
  14. Does artificial intelligence contribute to making improved decisions in marketing?
  15. What luxury buyers consider in cars
  16. Do advertisements have any bad impacts on children?
  17. How marketing strategies affect food businesses
  18. Do you think that display advertising is slowly dying?
  19. Does humor has any impact on advertising goods and services?
  20. Nutritional labels. Do customers consider them while buying products and services?
  21. What helps in building a good emotional connection with your customers?

Mentioned above are some of the interesting marketing research topics you can write about. The topics are not limited to words. Feel free to divert your topic as you wish to or select other words to replace them.

To sum up

Choosing a good topic for your marketing research paper can be a daunting task. Many students choose topics incorrectly and end up having challenges in the writing process. This guide has provided one hundred plus marketing research topics you can write about.

Like other types of research papers, keep your audience and personal interest in mind while choosing a topic. Brainstorm different ideas until you get a good topic to research. Get a broad topic and then go into specific details by conducting research.

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