155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students

155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students

To write a critical thinking essay, the first step is to choose a topic. Choosing the right topic to write about might be challenging for most students. If you want to know the current critical thinking essay topics to write about, this article is for you. 155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students:

Criticizing something is bringing out the faults about it. This does not mean that critical analysis essays bring out the weak aspects of a subject. While writing a critical thinking essay, you need to evaluate and analyze its art and work.

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155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students
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Analyzing available topics for your critical thinking essay

Before you start anything, you should know your goal for a critical thinking essay. Start by choosing a topic from a broad section. After this, narrow your research to choose a specific topic. Gather information about various topics that you might be interested in. Analyze the topics to choose the one that is more debatable than the rest.

How to choose a good topic for your critical thinking essay

Although choosing a good topic might be a challenge to many, it is an important factor. There are many choices available online. You need to choose the best critical thinking essay topics for debate. You also need to choose a topic you are interested in. Before we look at different topics, here are top tips to help you choose a good topic;

essay topics

  • Choose a simple topic
  • Consider the materials available for the topic before selection
  • The topic for your essay should be interesting and informative
  • If you choose a topic and fails to work for you, feel free to change
  • Collect information for your topic from reliable sources
  • Before writing your essay, discuss your topic with a friend to see how debatable it is
  • When choosing a topic bear in mind that you need to present the facts and not your take on the topic
  • Ensure you choose a topic that grabs the attention of the reader easily

Critical thinking essay questions

Critical thinking depends on how well you understand facts about something. You need to apply logic and reasoning to look at arguments and give your conclusions. Critical thinking skills allow students to move beyond certain knowledge of things. To encourage yourself to think critically, you need to understand the following questions;

  • How well do you know particular critical thinking topics for discussion?
  • What would be your take if you were to oppose a certain subject?
  • How can you solve a certain problem?
  • Why do you agree or disagree with a certain argument?
  • How can a certain problem be avoided in the future?
  • Why is a certain topic relevant today?
  • Are there other ways to look at a certain issue?
  • Can you provide some critical thinking essay examples?
  • Would you have ended a certain thing differently?
  • What is the effect of different things on a subject?
  • Why ask a certain question?
  • What lessons does a story/book/movies teach?
  • Why is a certain issue a problem?
  • What are the general topics for a critical thinking essay?

 Topics for critical thinking essay

There are many areas you can get your critical thinking essay topics from. This includes;

  • Culture
  • Social life
  • Literature
  • Sports
  • Relationship and marriages
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Workplace
  • Ethics
  • Technology
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • History

Critical thinking essay topics about culture

  1. What is your take on how gender roles have changed over time?
  2. Discuss the impact of technological devices in human lives today
  3. How has poverty led to homelessness?
  4. Drug addiction and abuse among teenagers
  5. What composes of a multicultural society?
  6. How has xenophobia affected human life today?
  7. Discuss the history of the initial nations of the US
  8. What is the link between mental health and racism?
  9. What efforts can be implemented to curb islamophobia?
  10. Has the slave trade been fully abolished?

Critical thinking essay topics related to literature

  1. Analyze the different irony types in literature
  2. What is the take of literature on feminism?
  3. How do narrating stories benefit children?
  4. When creating a masterpiece, what role does the author play?
  5. Shakespearean has four parts, discuss them
  6. Discuss ten literature devices
  7. What role do fairy tales play in learning effectively?
  8. Analyze the black humor in the literature related to children
  9. Describe the primary and secondary heroes in your favorite books
  10. Should literature be taught in schools?

Critical thinking essay topics related to social issues

  1. What strategies can be implemented to stop the war in the middle east?
  2. Is the judicial system’s fight against drug abuse effective?
  3. Has the media succeeded in fighting poverty and illiteracy?
  4. What is your view on police brutality and how can it be stopped?
  5. What is the long-term effect of colonialism?
  6. What are the alternatives to the programs of poverty eradication?
  7. Why are some policies of the government ineffective in the US today?
  8. How has social media affected mental health today?
  9. Health foods advantages and disadvantages
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of eating good/healthy food

Critical thinking essay topics on sports

  1. How do violent video games affect children?
  2. Excess video gaming and its effects
  3. Should violent sports be allowed?
  4. Should betting in sports be legalized?
  5. Is it safe to use animals in sports?
  6. Football players for colleges should be compensated
  7. Are sports related to good academics?
  8. How are outdoor and indoor activities relevant to children?
  9. When do you call a game boring?
  10. Is cheerleading a sport?

Critical thinking essay topics on history

  1. Has the 5th amendment of the constitution had any impact?
  2. Write about your best landmark and why it is your best
  3. Describe the history of the US from your point of view
  4. How do movies influence behavior and attitude?
  5. Analyze any historical event you have watched
  6. Most humanity wars have advantages and disadvantages, discuss
  7. Select one of the historical series you have watched and give its unique features
  8. What are the leading themes in most of the common historical figures?

Movies and tv critical thinking essay topics

  1. Talk shows are very popular today, what is your take on this?
  2. What is the main theme in tv shows today?
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages brought about by classic movie remakes
  4. Analyze any movie that has ever won Oscar awards
  5. Describe the takeaways of any movie you have watched recently
  6. Have you watched any video games? If yes analyze
  7. What is your take on reality shows?
  8. Analyze one of the most popular series of comic books
  9. Have you watched any movie you can consider educational? Analyze it in details

Topics on critical response

  1. Is living a healthy lifestyle important?
  2. How to improve sleeping habits
  3. Discuss in your view why basketball is famous
  4. Who is responsible for needy and homeless people?
  5. How important is socialization?
  6. What are the issues related to natives as a result of independence?
  7. Are vegan foods healthy?
  8. Is it good for children to watch horror movies?
  9. How does eating a balanced diet benefit our bodies?
  10. Anorexia nervosa is related to many health risks, discuss several

Critical essay topics for college students

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying college degree
  2. Explain the internet has changed the current world
  3. How is your experience with standardized tests?
  4. Are traditional relationships different from online relationships?
  5. What is your experience with mind sports?
  6. What is the difference between recorded music and live performance?
  7. Do pain killers have any side effects?
  8. Is getting gene modifications safe?
  9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of attending private and public schools
  10. How has global warming affected the world today?

Topics on critical review

  1. What role do school authorities play?
  2. In what ways can standard education be improved?
  3. Discuss ways to stop inequality
  4. How has mass media influenced the youth?
  5. What rules can the government put in place to control drug addiction
  6. Is health coverage efficient?
  7. Has mass media contributed to the development of crime?
  8. Between books and movies, which ones are better?
  9. Is district zoning important? How?
  10. Is health insurance an advantage or a disadvantage to the beneficiary?

Critical thinking essay topics examples

  1. Should criminals experience long-life punishments?
  2. How should the individual budget be planned?
  3. Is it possible to live a happy life without marriages and romantic relationships?
  4. Great canyon has its secrets, discuss
  5. How can the financial situation of a country be improved?
  6. Can a product be sold without marketing?
  7. How to get lead of guilty pleasures?
  8. How necessary is plastic surgery?
  9. How to find happiness on earth
  10. Temptations of the modern world
  11. Should a rapist be killed or put to jail?
  12. How to avoid procrastination

To write a good critical thinking essay, it is important to learn how to write an argumentative essay. This is because you need to analyze a subject, develop some arguments, and come up with a conclusion

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that needs you to investigate a certain topic. After investigating, you evaluate, collect, generate evidence to come up with a conclusion. To write an argumentative essay, you need to conduct thorough research about a topic. You also need to critically think about the subject to come up with a reasoning conclusion.

Critical thinking argumentative essay topics

Technology topics

  1. Can Facebook be used as a tool for collecting data for the users?
  2. Can self-driving cars be legalized?
  3. Should cellphones be used while driving?
  4. Ethics behind replacing human resources with automation
  5. Positive and negative impacts of the internet on human lives today

Science topics

  1. Fracking and its legalization
  2. Effects of GMOs on people’s lives
  3. Should the government address climate change?
  4. Is it ethical for parents to modify children not yet born?
  5. To attend private schools, should vaccines be administered to students?

Religion topics

  1. Religious organizations should pay tax
  2. Religious clubs in schools
  3. Why should the clergy marry/ not marry?
  4. Religion as a subject in schools, should it be a compulsory subject?
  5. Effect of religion on culture

Topics related to Health

  1. Should minors be exposed to birth control without the consent of their parents?
  2. Doctors and medicine promotion
  3. Effect of influencers on advertising weight loss and dietary supplements
  4. Is it ethical to legalize assisted suicide?
  5. Effects of switching to single care health care for us citizens

If you have chosen an argumentative essay topic and still not sure of how to write your essay, do not worry. You can hire experts to write your critical thinking argumentative essay.

Critical thinking essay topics related to the environment

  1. How is pollution in your city?
  2. How has society interacted with nature?
  3. Can global warming be reduced?
  4. Types of energy, pros, and cons
  5. Advantages of renewable energy
  6. Analyze the causes of food shortage in the world today
  7. Effects of global warming on the world today
  8. What innovations have helped to curb pollution of the environment in the world today?
  9. Analyze the different sources of renewable energy
  10. Analyze various environmental risks and safety

Critical thinking essay topics related to health

  1. Cancer and its relation to food
  2. Analyze Food allergy
  3. Health technology and its benefits
  4. Are animals a source of depression?
  5. Effects of nutrition that is free from meat
  6. Nutrition type that causes obesity
  7. Role of the church in the health sector
  8. Do antibiotics cause weight gain and teeth cavity?
  9. Fat food and mental health
  10. Analyze effects of intermittent fasting and its contribution to weight loss

Good critical thinking essay topics

  1. Preparing for a journey
  2. Religion and its impact on the current world
  3. Television and sports
  4. Change on the gender roles
  5. Importance of studying entrepreneurship in colleges
  6. How to improve the total income of a country
  7. Measures to take to reduce covid 19 in the world today
  8. A story you can never forget
  9. Classic movies and their main theme
  10. Shoe show, cake show, or cooking show
  11. Effects of covid 19 in job sector today
  12. Cyberbullying and its effects on human life today
  13. Exercise as way staying healthy and fit
  14. Watching cartoons or reading storybooks for young children
  15. What is your idea on feminism in the current world?

To sum up

After reading this article, choosing the best critical thinking essay topics becomes easier. Analyze available topics. Pick a topic that you find interesting and have the right materials to complete your essay. Gather enough knowledge about the topic before writing your critical thinking essay.

If you still need help in selecting good critical thinking essay topics to write about, contact us.

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