How to Cite an Article

How to Cite an Article

Articles are published online, in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles are a big source of information for all researchers. They can be written from scratch or cited. Cited articles are those referenced from other sources like online and publications.

How to cite an article is dictated by one important guideline that is; article format. Which article format do you want to cite? Is it an essay article, an APA article, an MLA, an online article, in-text citations, Harvard, or a Chicago? It is because each article format is cited using different guidelines even though the basic info remains the same.

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How to Cite an Article
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Among the basic guideline in an article, the citation is the 0.5 inches indention of any line after the first in referencing.

How to cite an article APA

In APA article citations include authors’ name that entails the last name and initials of both the first and middle names. The publication date follows the name. Daily and weekly publications include the date, month, and year. Monthly publications include the month and the year. Yearly publications require the year of publication only.

Add Publications title, the issue number if available, or volume no. all in italics. Write page number if the article you are citing is from a paper publication. Online articles require a URL or network address as a page of preference.

How to cite an article in an essay

Article citing in an essay by including authors’ last/surname. (No first and second name initials included). Following is the publication year, or if no known date, write it as no date (n.d.).

The name and date are written together. For example, from John Brown 2015 08 30th, you write (Brown 2015), and if no date write it as (Brown n.d.p #). Page, paragraph, and chapter numbers follow then section and time stamp.

Citation machine APA

Looking for APA citations can be hectic. It is why the founders of the APA came up with an APA citation machine that generates citations in APA.

The APA citation generator is known as Scribbr. The key to getting results using Scribbr is providing it with the most relevant information. For example, the title of your APA article. Results generated are APA in-text citations and references for free and automatically.

How to cite an article MLA

Citing an article in MLA follows the basics of referencing. The basics include; author (s) name, and if no author writes 2 or 3 words from the article title. After the name of the author (if the name is available) write the article title followed by periodical titles.

The volume and issue numbers are put after periodic titles. The dates come after in the format of the day, month, and year of publication. Daily and weekly MLA articles have all three dates. Monthly publications have month and year. The page number(s) is written after the dates, and database title and DOI follow if available.

How to cite an online article

Online articles are cited easily as there only require an URL or link. The authors’ or publishers’ name is included as online postings have either. The name is followed by the date when the article was created or the date last updated.

Page number in italics and the website sponsors name comes after (if available). The last date of access or view date for the article online follows. The internet access address or URL is last on the citation format list.

How to cite an article online

Citing an article online and citing an online article are two different citations even though they seem the same.

Article online citations follow all guidelines as that of citing online resources, but may or may not include the authors’ name. It is because the article been cited online may be from a magazine, newspaper, or book whose author is unknown. Similarly, the URL is provided or not for the same reasons. The inclusion of URLs means the article citation online is for an online article.

How to cite an article in-text

Article in-text citations include the last name of the author followed by the page number in an enclosed parenthesis. For example, if Jacob James is the author, and the article page number is 15. Your citing is (James 15).

If the article is without an author, use the first 2-3 words in the article or from the title. Place the chosen words between two quotations marks such as “the sun rose”. The date in day, month, and year format, or month and year follows.

How to cite an article Harvard

Harvard citations include the last or surname of the author. Write the initials of the first name in the following. If the article has several authors, Harvard allows only three, and the rest are named as, etc. Year of publication continues after the names, but no month and day. Article title comes after in single quotation marks.

Articles in journals or newspapers invite titles in italics. What follows are the volume number, issue number, and page numbers of each article.

Online Harvard articles include the name of publisher or author, date posted or last viewed, and web address(URL or link)  put in angled brackets (<    >).

APA citation Generator

APA referencing citation generator is an automated machine that helps APA clients to generate APA citations for free. If you doubt the accuracy of the automated citations, use their APA citations checker to check for correctness and truth.

The checker not only checks but also corrects the references in case of a mistake. You can create your own APA Citations and use the APA citation checker. The checker will check for adherence to APA article citation guidelines, and suggest changes.

How to cite an article with no author

The first thing to include in most citations is the authors’ name, but if the article has no name here is how to go about it. Use the name anonymous as the author name, or use the first few words of the article as the starter in-text citations.

A summary of the article or its title is sometimes used to stand for the author’s name and quoted using double quotations. For example, “life happened”, or “anonymous”.

Title of the article, book title, webpages, chapters, and the page number where the article is found continue in italics. The date of posting or publication comes next.

APA citation

APA article citation styles include author name or name if many, and dates of publication in parenthesis. An article written by Veronica White on the date 5th June 2020 is cited as (White 2020). Other citations like page number, issue number, and reference points like links, book title continues.

An article with no author is cited by its title plus year of publication. Those with no known date of publication are cited by authors’ last name, and date last updated (if updated), or (name n.d. p).

How to cite article example

There are four article examples which include; newspapers, journals, magazines, and Digital Object Identifiers.

  1. How to cite newspaper articles

Quotations in-text citations for newspaper articles start with the authors’ surname followed by the year of publication and the page number in the newspaper where the article is found. In-text citations include the authors’ surname and year in parenthesis.

References have authors surname, first name initials then second name initials, and publication date; year, month, and date.

  1. How to cite journal articles

The general format for citing journal article examples is last name, year, and page number in the quotation. Parenthesis in-text has the last name of author/publisher and publication year only.

Referencing for journal articles includes the last name/surname, first and second name initials. The Year of publishing follows, then the titles. Article title, and key subtitle, and Journal title. Following is the issue number and volume of the journal. The titles, issue no. and volume is italicized. Last on the list is page number.

  1. How to cite magazine articles

In-text quotation citations include authors’ surname, year of publication, and the page number. In-text parenthesis, citations of magazine articles have the author’s surname and year.

Article citations in magazines include surname, first initials followed by second initials. The date is written in full starting by year, month, and day.

  1. How to cite Digital Object Identifiers

DOIs are electronic or print sources. Citing articles in DOIs is easy as includes the source code of that article which is unique. The code is found on the first page of the article, and it is identifiable by alphanumerics. For example, DOI: 10.1080/14622200410001676305

The question of how to cite an article is straightforward. The beauty of citing articles is that you can cite them in referencing styles like MLA, APA, Harvard, in-text, in the essay, and article examples. Citations guidelines have basic guidelines, and the different ones differ a little. Article citations include the authors’ names, dates, page numbers, issue numbers, and references like names or URLs.



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