How to write a creative essay

How to write a creative essay

Have you ever wondered how to stretch your imagination in an essay? Do you want to know how to write an impressive creative essay? How to write a creative essay:

A creative essay is a type of narrative that allows a writer to express him or herself freely.  Students write such essays in colleges and universities. Creative writing helps students to acquire creative writing skills.

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How to write a creative essay
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What is a creative essay?

A creative essay is a non-technical type of writing that tells an interesting story. It is essential to understand what a creative essay is all about before you can start writing.

Such essays should be self-expressive and entertaining. A Student can write a creative story that is fictional or nonfictional.

When writing nonfictional stories, you need to perform in-depth research and obtain facts about a particular subject. Students can write creative essays about any topic.

Preparation for writing a creative essay

Creative writing assignments allow students to think freely. It is intelligent to organize your thoughts and write an interesting story for an audience.

When a story is well organized, readers can follow and understand your writing. Here are steps to consider before writing a creative essay.

1.     Choose an interesting topic

The first step is to understand a creative essay’s topic. Sometimes an instructor can provide different creative essay prompts to help students select a topic.

Other times students are required to search for a topic. In both cases, choose an interesting creative essay topic.

A topic might not be familiar, but it should interest a writer. When a student is passionate about a subject, researching and writing are enjoyable.

2.     Conduct a research

Creative writing allows a free-spirited style of narration. Writers can tell stories and captivate an audience.

To start writing an interesting story, select a topic. Perform in-depth research to find more facts about your subject.

Look at several sources online and in library books. Read higher creative essay examples to gain insight into what you should do. Talk to friends and people who might inspire you.

Write down all ideas before selecting one that suits you. Read relevant materials like scholarly journals, articles and watch videos about your subject. In-depth research helps to add depth to a creative essay.

3.     Create a plan

Answer “how,”” where,” “when,”” who,” and “what” questions when preparing to write a story. Understand the settings of a story and the expectations of the people who will read your story.

A good plan will help to make your story interesting and not dull. Identify the best formatting style before you start to write.

4.     Write down interesting ideas

Carry a journal and a pen everywhere in case a great idea comes up. Some ideas might seem unfitting but write several down and make an interesting combination.

New ideas and Interesting thoughts can come up any time or anywhere. It is wise to have a journal and write down what comes to mind or what you see.

Keep a log of exciting thoughts that will help improve your writing style. Such ideas make a unique essay that readers enjoy.

5.     Write a creative essay

Prepare a creative essay rough draft. Put down ideas in chronological order.

Take time to organize materials from research work. Include relevant ideas from your journal and create an exciting story. Make sure the rough draft is meaningful.

After organizing your work, read the writing again and remove unnecessary information. A student’s creative essay should have a good flow of ideas, and it should be easy to understand. Consider incorporating transitions in your essay.

The last step is to write a creative essay final draft. A rough draft provides a structure that guides you to write creatively in a way that will capture readers’ imagination.

When writing a final draft, do not worry about editing. You will Revise and proofread later. Let ideas flow and express yourself freely on paper or on a computer screen.

How to write a creative essay

After preparation to write, understand how to start writing in a creative style. A good beginning will make it easier and exciting to develop a story and finalize it.

A creative essay should be original, imaginative, productive, and creative. It can be a fictional novel, a poem, or a short story.

It can also be nonfictional such as a magazine article. Take time and think of a good way to begin a creative essay. Explore the following options

1.     Techniques used when writing a creative essay

Start with a unique voice, an action, or a character in a setting. Other ways include introducing the main character.

Consider using these ideas to start writing creatively. Continue writing the entire story using different techniques.

Such techniques include anecdotes, imaginative language, metaphors, similes, and plot development. Other techniques are character development, the underlying theme, emotional appeal, and a vivid setting.

2.     Method used in creative writing

A commonly used method for writing a creative essay is called the oxford method. This method has a three-point structure.

The structure includes a setup, confrontation, and a final resolution. Below is how each section works

A setup

Characters are established at the beginning of a story. A writer identifies relationships like friends or group members in a setup.

Readers can familiarize themselves with characters and plot development early in a story. A setup is part of an introduction paragraph in a creative essay.


A story can have a turning point. Writers show turning points using a confrontation in the body section of a creative essay.

A confrontation part is where something unexpected happens. Something exciting can happen unexpectedly and suddenly. A writer can prefer to introduce a confrontation moment slowly into a story or to introduce it suddenly.


A story settles down. Drama slows down, but it can go up again depending on what a writer prefers. When drama goes up at the end of a story, a cliffhanger is created.

3.     Creative essay outline

Creative writing, like many other essays, follows a structure that helps to arrange ideas. A structure has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Each section helps in developing a story.


Set a scene at the beginning of a creative story. Students should describe a scene in the introduction paragraph of a creative essay.

Provide a detailed description of a specific place, time, and background. Set a good flow and mood at the beginning of your story.

Describe a story’s setting as creatively as possible. Provide details and create an image in readers’ minds.

Consider including different symbols, personification, and metaphors. Make your introduction exciting and unique. It should be interesting enough to lure readers into reading your entire story.

Body paragraphs

Develop your story. A body paragraph is where events move forward, and changes can take place.

For example, a change in mood or tempo of a story happens in the body section. When a story is progressing slowly, a writer can decide to speed it up using a confrontation.

A confrontation is an unexpected and exciting move for a reader. A story’s tempo changes at this point.

Create a good workflow using transitions. When your workflow is good, a reader can move smoothly from one idea to another.

Words such as “however,” “therefore,” “but,” and “also” can make a story flow seamlessly. Transitions emphasize an event that a writer is describing.


Make a resolution in a story’s last paragraph. A conclusion paragraph is where you present a summary of discussions in the body paragraph.

A writer can decide to leave readers in suspense when writing a conclusion. For example, many professional writers in movies and television shows use a cliffhanger technique. . It impacts the minds of a reader in a powerful way.

Edit and proofread

A final and essential stage of any writing is reviewing and editing. Do not submit your creative essay without editing and proofreading.

It is critical to do thorough revisions and proofreading. Readers are able to comprehend your story if it is error-free. A well-polished essay increases a writer’s credibility.

An essay that is full of mistakes will make you lose marks. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure issues.

Read and make sure there is a good flow of ideas. After the first round of editing, take a break for a few hours or a day.

Stay away from your essay and computer screen to give your mind rest. When reading with a fresh mind a second time, you can discover more mistakes that need corrections.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to read your creative essay and give you honest feedback. A fresh pair of eyes can see what a writer might not be able to notice. Consider and evaluate what your friend tells you before incorporating it into your work.

How to make a creative title for an essay

It takes a long time to Design a unique, engaging, and catchy essay title. After selecting a topic that suits you, it is important to understand how to come up with a creative title for an essay. Below is a guide students can consider

  1. Create a catchy title.

The first part of an essay that readers encounter is a title. Write a title that is catchy enough to hook readers.

A catchy title should make readers want to read your introduction. You can use the flashback method.

  1. Summarize a title using three words

Look for three significant items in your story and creatively come up with a title. It should be informative and captivating.

  1. A relevant quote

A writer can decide to look for a relevant and interesting quote for a title. Make sure it relates to your story in a powerful way and captures readers’ attention.

  1. Main idea

Every essay has a central idea that you can use to craft creative essay titles. Research and design an interesting title around your creative essay’s main idea.

Types of creative essays

Creative writing is non-technical and entertaining. Authors can share interesting ideas in different ways.

A creative essay does not have to be fictional. Some essays can be nonfictional. The following are examples of creative essays to read and write that students can explore

1.     Personal essays

Any type of essay requires creative thinking. For example, when presenting an argument to readers, you need to persuade them about a point of view.

You need creative writing skills to convince readers. Personal essays or descriptive essays are good examples of writing creatively.

2.     Journals

Write down and organize your memories. A journal is a type of memoir where you can write down your memories using different headings.

The difference between journals and diaries is that a diary tracks specific events. Such can be activities that happen daily.

A writer can select memories to write about in a journal. For example, you can write about dreams or relationships. Write about what you want without restrictions.

3.     Songs

Writers are able to creatively put together lyrics and rhythms in an entertaining way. Songs present lyrics and rhythms in a unique way.

The unique features of a song need creative writing skills. People involved in music like singing or playing musical instruments can engage creative skills and write songs. A song is more than a poem with lyrics.

4.     Speechwriting

Speeches are similar to essays. When writing a speech, use language that is persuasive and inspirational. A writing style that is inspirational will capture readers’ attention.

A writer has to know how to creatively pass information in a speech. A speech can be about any subject.

Speeches have a time limit. Make good use of time and write a speech that is clear and to the point.

5.     Letters

People communicate with each other through letters. When writing letters, you need to have a level of creativity to pass information in a particular way.

A writer’s tone of voice and mood can be expressed in a letter. The tone and mood of a letter help you engage better with a reader.

You can use letters when writing a story. For example, in a story, two characters can write letters to each other.

6.     Freewriting

Open a book or computer and start writing.  Do not think too much or let anything distract you.

Keep writing freely. Anything that comes to mind, put it down on paper or type on your computer screen.

Freewriting is a creative type of writing. Write about anything and everything for a specific amount of time.

For example, do freewriting for fifteen minutes. When the time elapses, look at results on your paper or computer. Such writing can provide great ideas that create good stories.

7.     Reporting

Journalists apply creative writing when expressing ideas about a subject. Most of the reports are fact-based about specific actions or events.

When reporting such facts, journalists use creative skills to make an article compelling.  Creative writing helps to make readers interested in reading an entire story.

How to write a creative nonfiction essay

Nonfictional content like journals, newspapers and technical literature focuses on informing an audience. The emphasis is on events and facts.

Such writing uses literary devices like character, voice, setting, and growth to entertain an audience. Literary methods and tools help to make a creative nonfiction essay interesting. Here are features that a nonfictional creative essay should have

  • A good presentation of facts in a way that entertains a reader
  • A presentation of precise and relevant information based on research
  • A good description of significant experiences
  • Application of techniques that captivates readers

Creative college essay topics

When writing a creative essay, first understand creative essay prompts. Perform research and choose a unique and interesting subject.

Write down a list of various topic ideas from research. Brainstorm the list and select an interesting and unique subject.

When researching an interesting topic, a student will likely learn something new that adds value to an essay. Avoid choosing popular topics that most of your classmates are likely to pick.

It is difficult for a creative essay to stand out if a student writes about a topic everyone else is writing about. A unique topic gives you an advantage over your peers.

Write about something different that will capture an instructor’s attention. A unique topic will help you produce a solid paper and increases your chances of getting better grades.

Topic selection is very critical to writing a successful paper. When a writer selects a good topic writing a paper becomes easier. The following is a list of creative essay topics students can research and write about.

  • Describe an experience that has an unexpected end.
  • Write a creative essay about love.
  • Explain using a creative story how a person’s belief can transform society.
  • Creatively explain how artificial intelligence can impact the future.
  • Write creative essays about myself.
  • Discuss what makes you find fulfillment in life.
  • Explain what causes your pain.
  • Imagine you have all the money and time in the world. What will you do?
  • Describe a scary experience.
  • Write a creative experience about your best tour.
  • Write a creative essay about COVID 19.

Tips after writing a creative essay

Every creative writer should have tips in mind that will make writing successful.

This requires a lot of mental energy.

Rest and get enough mental strength before looking at your work again. Check whether you have accomplished the following suggestions. 

1.     Check the beginning, middle of your essay, and the ending

Students should ensure a creative essay has an attractive introduction paragraph. The beginning of a story should make readers want to read an entire story.

It should provide a preview of what a story is all about. Take time to counter-check and revise your introduction.

A story’s middle section should describe a character’s journey from one point to another. Make sure the journey captivates readers so that your audience stays with you throughout a story.

Make sure readers are not getting bored at this point. Read through your story’s middle section and make adjustments.

A story’s ending should be memorable. It should provide a particular feeling that your audience takes away. Read it one more time and end your story in style.

2.     Read and analyze your story’s tempo

A story starts at a particular pace in your introduction paragraph. It can speed up or slow down depending on how the progression of events.

Look at how the story flows and find out if it is satisfactory. Make the flow reasonable.

Your story should not be too slow. When a story is too slow, readers get bored. Make sure it is not too fast. A story that is too fast can confuse a reader.

3.     Check grammar and use a dictionary

Create a story using vivid language. Creative language adds style to your writing and makes it more interesting.

A dictionary will help in finding correct words that create a vivid image in a reader’s mind. Make sure your grammar does not confuse readers.

4.     Perform thorough proofreading

After reading your work, ask someone else to read it. Counter-checking and proofreading help to remove mistakes. It helps you to know how other people understand your writing.

Feedback enables you to make adjustments that suit a reader’s needs. When writers eliminate mistakes from work, it makes them more credible.

A creative essay full of grammar mistakes can make a reader lose interest in your work. Invest in software that will help to correct errors like grammar and spelling issues. Readers will enjoy reading an error-free creative essay.                        

Key takeaway

Creative writers know what to say. It is important that readers comprehend what a writer is saying.

A creative essay assignment helps students to acquire creative writing skills. Such skills enable students to communicate effectively.  Structure your creative work to make sense for a target audience.

When an instructor is impressed with your creativity, you are likely to get a better grade. Writing creative essays can be an enjoyable experience for many students.

Choose to write about fictional and nonfictional stories and express yourself fully. To learn more about writing creatively, contact us.

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