How to write a process essay

How to write a process essay

                                                                                                                                          Do you have a process essay assignment and have no idea where to start? Worry not. This article highlights top tips on how to write a process essay.

Writing a process essay may be a daunting task especially if you do not have the tips at hand. Before getting into the main task, it is important to know the definition, different types, and features of a process essay.

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How to write a process essay
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What is a process essay?

A process essay is a genre of academic writing that explains how to do a certain thing from the beginning to the end. It is a variation of “how-to” providing instructions and guidance on how to go about a certain procedure step by step.

This varies from simple steps such as how to prepare tea to hard tasks such as how to go through a certain procedure in the laboratory.  These papers intend to give readers directions and guidance on how to do a certain procedure to achieve results.

A process paper involves describing a whole process. Some of the essay transition words frequently used include; initially, finally, lastly, then, further, next among others. When writing your process, remember to include some important features.

Features of a process essay

  • Straight forward and clear narration

Ensure you do not confuse your reader with an unorganized thought thread and complex language. When they get confused, they might end up not reading up to the end.

  • Chronological order

Do not skip or shift around some steps while writing your process essay. This might result in frustration and misunderstanding for the reader. Move from one step to another in the right order.

  • Use transition words

Use transitional words to separate one step from the other. Such words include; then, lastly, finally among many others. Do not overuse the words to avoid losing the meaning of the essay.

  • Describe every step

State and describe every step using simple and understandable terms. Even if you are writing a simple process essay, do not skip anything assuming that the readers understand. Assume that they know nothing and are using your essay to carry out a certain procedure.

Types of process essays

  1. Directional process essays

These types of process essays explain “how-to” for a procedure. This may cover a wide range of subjects. For example, how to get your national Identity Card, how to plan an event, how to apply for a debit/credit card, among others.

The outcomes in this genre should be tangible results. For the above examples, results include; national identity card, a certain event, debit/credit card.

  1. Informational process essay

This type of essay explains how something works. For example, how to determine weather forecast, how intermittent fasting affects your body, how space rockets work, among others. Informational process essays explain something without necessarily having an end product, unlike directional essays.

  1. Process analysis essay

These types of essays are similar to directional process essays. The only difference is that a process analysis essay explains the steps involved in a process and analyzes the steps in depth.

 A process analysis essay contains all the characteristics of a process essay. It goes into detail about the consequences and causes of every step.

Benefits of writing a process essay

  • Helps in developing analytical skills

To write a good process essay, you need to think analytically. Describe the dynamics of the processes and ensure you keep the interest of the readers. Analyze every step you write and state the importance of the steps.

Analytical skills will help you to deconstruct any information into small categories so that you can conclude. Such skills include; critical thinking, research, problem-solving, communication, data, and informational analysis among others.

  • Equips one with prioritizing skills

While researching your process essay, you will find different resources and information. You do not need to include all the resources in your essay.

For things to work out well, it is important to choose one piece of information over the other one. This will help you to include only valuable information.

  • Helps in following instructions

When writing the essay, you realize that every process has a start, middle and conclusion part. All the steps are equally important. The ability to describe every step accordingly improves your skills in following instructions carefully. This can help you in other aspects of life.

  • Keen to details

Every detail is important in the process essay. While writing, you need to pay attention to the details. This helps in providing step by step guide and clear explanations.

In the process of writing the essay, you sharpen your attention to details skills. You can apply the skills later in other life activities.

How to write a process essay?

Writing a process essay can be a difficult task. However, following the right set of steps and simple rules, you can attain a well-structured and successful essay.

  1. Prepare for every step

This guide explains the general tips you should follow throughout the writing process. The tips help to ensure that all the needs and expectations of your process essay are met.

  1. Determine the skill level of the readers

Before writing your process essay, it is important to know the level of skills of your audience. For example, if you want to teach your friend how to create or fix a certain tool, stick to basic terms. If you are writing the essay as an assignment for the professor to mark, use more informative and sophisticated terminologies.

  1. Gather materials

To create something, you need to gather the materials needed for the whole process. Be it ideas or items, the most important thing is to identify all you need and ensure it’s ready. Start with the most to the least important items.

  1. Write down every task

Every task in the whole process essay carries some weight. A process cannot be complete while a certain step has been omitted. Do not go overboard with your explanations. There is no need to explain your process to a microscopic level but ensure it is comprehensive and understandable.

  1. Make an outline

After concluding your research for the essay, write notes on what you are planning to include in the content. Create an outline that includes all the processes you need to include in your essay.

Process essay topics

Choosing a good topic for your process paper can be a challenging task. Start with brainstorming several topics. Choose a topic you are interested in and is easily debatable.

It will be fun to write about something you have some interest in. the readers are also likely to enjoy reading the content. If your professor has provided a topic, conduct thorough research to ensure that you understand every bit.

Areas of interest

Many processes happen all over the world now and then. With this, you can always come up with a good descriptive process essay. Your process essay can talk about different subjects including;

  • Chemistry
  • Technology
  • Physics
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social media
  • Writing
  • Industry

 While writing a process essay, consider your audience. Also, ensure you follow any instructions given by your instructor. Here are some process analysis essay topics you can consider;

  1. How to improve your immune system to fight COVID-19
  2. How to improve your grades in school
  3. How to spend limited time on social media
  4. How to open a bank account
  5. How to lose excess weight
  6. How to increase chances of employment
  7. How to improve your sales on amazon
  8. How to become a certified nurse
  9. The process of car manufacturing
  10. How to achieve good grades without losing your mind
  11. How to lose weight in good proportions
  12. How to look like a fashion model every day
  13. How to get started trading with Bitcoin
  14. How to take a good photo
  15. The process of risk management
  16. Strategies on how to forget your ex
  17. The process of budgeting
  18. How to write a book review
  19. Tips on how to overcome fear
  20. How to get ready for emergency disasters
  21. How to play my craft
  22. How to master the league of legends
  23. How to train your husky
  24. The process of manufacturing oil on the ground
  25. How to finish all your school assignments on time and still have fun
  26. Tips on how the census is conducted
  27. How to become an agent of real estate
  28. How to change the privacy settings of Facebook
  29. How to change a major course in college
  30. How to break from bad spending habits

Note that the above-mentioned essay topics are a few examples of the common topics used by students. Feel free to choose any topic or just think of one and make it a process. To get more topics, contact any assignment help website.

Process essay outline

Many essay outlines follow the five-paragraph rule. That is the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. A good process essay outline looks like this;


Many students have no idea how to start an essay. A majority of essays have a common approach for the introduction.

A process essay introduction should brief the reader about your topic. It should explain why you have chosen the topic and how you are planning to approach it. Assist the readers to get interested in your process.

Be descriptive and paste a picture of your process into the reader’s mind. You can use a personal reference or a joke to attract the attention of your readers. Here is a breakdown of how your process essay introduction should look like;

Explain a little bit of the historical background. People are often interested in knowing what you are working on. Introducing this part helps in intriguing readers and giving them a sense of purpose for the process.

Create a timeframe. Understand that your readers have other things to do apart from reading your process essay. They want to know how long the process will take so that they can divide the tasks according to the time.

If it doesn’t take much time, they can read it at once. For large sessions, they need to decide whether to do it in one session or subdivide.

For example, if your topic is “How to avoid wasting money”, you can start by explaining how you found yourself in need of extra money as a result of bad spending habits in college.

With this real-life experience, you will attract the attention of the readers. Everybody has been in a situation of the need to be savvy with finances. They would be interested to hear more and get a solution. 

Mention the importance of spending money wisely and the many opportunities it comes with. This includes; saving the extra money, investing among many others.

Body paragraphs                                                                                            

At this point, start explaining the step-by-step processes that your readers need to take. Break down the sections into subsections. If a certain step has many parts, you can create a part for every section.

 Remember to keep things efficient and smooth. Be keen on the following while writing your process essay body paragraphs;

  1. Explain every step carefully

All the steps do not contain the same amount of information so, the length may differ. Every manual of instruction contains several steps. Some are difficult to comprehend than others.

 For this reason, ensure you explain the steps accordingly. You also need to understand the sense of difficulty and length based on the explanation.

  1. Remember to explain the purpose of your process

No one will read a process aimlessly. Apart from accomplishing a certain task, people want to learn the following;

  • Why do they need to follow the process
  • The purpose of the process
  • Why the method was done in one way and not the other
  1. Use good transition words for essays

Ensure steps flow one after the other for your essay to be more structured. When introducing the next step, use words like next, that, so, then, like among others.

Before you write the steps in full sentences, ensure you come up with an outline for your body paragraphs. Here is an example of an outline for the body paragraphs of a process essay on how to reduce overspending money;

  • The first paragraph
  1. Track all your expenses
  2. Organize all your collected data
  3. Determine your priorities and what you can live without
  • The second paragraph
  1. Come up with a realistic budget
  2. Check regularly to ensure you are sticking to the budget
  3. Set a tangible goal to ensure you save, for example, buying a car

This example shows two paragraphs but you can add as more as you want to understand better. Do not include unnecessary details which will make your process essay difficult to understand and cluttered. Include brief explanations for all statements.

For example; even if grabbing a cup of coffee while stepping out sounds very tempting, setting aside 20% savings every month will help you buy a car. By explaining such a statement, the readers will understand every step and the results to expect. Show the readers that they are learning so that they can connect well with your process essay.


After going through every step and explaining all the processes of your essay, provide a confident conclusion. The conclusion part should be sweet, short, and direct to the point. Ensure you accomplish the following goals in your conclusion.

  1. Discuss the main results

After completing your process, leave the readers with the final results. Explain what the results will resemble and the uses.

  1. Restate the general purpose of the process

After the readers complete reading the process, they would like to know the general purpose for going through it. They will be satisfied if they know that they have overcome a challenge and learned something to help them in the future.

  1. Write your overall conclusion

Wrap everything up to put a tie around your process essay. Restate the main points and the overall purpose of your essay. Ensure that your readers get a feeling of accomplishment after reading your process essay. Have a main concluding sentence that strengthens the necessity of the purpose.

For example, the conclusion of the “how to avoid wasting money” essay would highlight that after following all the steps, the main result is to save money. Mention the importance of every step and repeat the key points.

Process essay examples

The secret behind writing high-quality process essays is to practice consistently. This does not only involve writing many process essays but also reading other process essay examples and comparing the features.

You can read essays like process essay cooking, baking, washing among others, and get to understand the writing process of essay examples.

This helps in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of every essay and trying to come up with a good one. It also helps in avoiding mistakes that have been made in others’ essays. You will learn and feel inspired when you have several essays to read. 

Post-process essay writing tips

Here are some of the final tips you need to do after writing your process essay. Do not submit your paper for marking if it does not meet the following;

  • Ensure your essay is easy to follow and simple

 The reader should not be confused at any time while reading your process essay. Keep in mind that they can be beginners. Try not to impress them with jargon and complicated words.

  • Use simple language to explain how to do something giving clear instructions

Give as many details as you can but ensure you give a plain explanation. If the readers ask the following questions while reading, you need to edit your process essay;

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. I don’t understand a certain step at all
  3. What was the purpose of the process?
  • Experiment or try to ask a family member or a friend

Asking an outsider to go through your process essay helps you get an outside view. This does not mean that you are a bad writer. An outside person is likely to spot mistakes that you can’t.

  • Do not use imperative sentences

An imperative sentence is a sentence that gives direct command, instructions, or demand to the audience. They begin with verbs or action words. Such sentences may offend your readers and make them not read the entire process essay.

  • Do not use first-person pronouns

This includes; I, we, us, our, me, ours, and mine. These pronouns tend to make your writing authoritative and less declarative. If you use them in your essay, the readers are likely not to follow the instructions provided. Use third-person perspective words such as they, it, this, among others.

  • Talk of any cautionary notes

Mention anything that the readers need to avoid in the process essay. Highlight the activities especially when dangerous or harmful. For example, while writing a process essay on how to bake a cake, advise the readers to let the cake cook fully to avoid bloating and other stomach problems.

  • Choose a good topic and conduct thorough research
  • Maintain logical order steps and make it easy to follow
  • Ensure you explain the terms that seem hard to understand
  • Take notes on the paragraph transition words to use

To sum up

Writing a process essay is not as a difficult task as many students think. You need to organize your thoughts and ideas to write a simple and easily understandable paper. This article has provided some tips on how to write a process essay.

A process essay aims at taking the readers through a task or a process. Ensure you include all the steps for a certain process and explain the purpose. Use transition words for your essay to move from one step to another.

Choose an easily debatable and interesting topic for your process essay. Follow the correct outline that is introduction, body, and conclusion for your essay. Do not forget to mention everything that the reader will need in your process essay.

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