How to write an essay title

How to write an essay title

A good essay title is like an advertisement that calls on people to read what you have written. It makes them eager to want to know more about the essay. The title of your essay should be perfect because it is the first thing that your readers look at:How to write an essay title.

How to write an essay title to be eye-catching is a big deal. The words you choose and how you craft them into a title are vital to the entire work’s success. The text itself is not the only thing that matters or makes you get positive feedback. Every part of the essay, including the title, plays a significant role.

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How to write an essay title
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Importance of a good essay title

Writing a good essay title is a good expression of your work. Sometimes people may ignore a good essay because of a weak headline. A great headline choice will always make the quality of your paper to be exceptional.

A captivating essay title will set the tone of your essay and the arguments that you discuss. It will intrigue your readers and make them keep on reading to discover what you wrote and develop ideas.

The essay title incents people to read your essay. It evokes your reader’s curiosity, making them open to what you have to say and the arguments you have addressed. Your title grabs the reader’s attention and triggers them to read the essay quickly.

It allows you to find a ground to showcase your knowledge, wisdom, and writing skills. A good essay title opens you to numerous opportunities and great success as more people read your essay.

A clear title will emit that you have researched well and can understand the ideas that you have written. Your effectiveness in the title is a display of your intelligence and excellent analysis of your thoughts. It will get your readers to engage and relate to your essay.

Qualities of a good essay title


An interesting title will draw so many readers to your essay. You make many believe that your work is not tedious and opt to read till the end. The title will prompt your readers to look at your work no matter where they are.

Easy to read

An essay title should be clear. It should not be complicated to understand. Strange phrases, complicated structures, and uncommon fonts will not make your essay title very interesting. It would be best if you avoided them.


A brief title is easy to read and can make someone connect with you quickly. Unlike, long headlines are confusing and don’t easily demonstrate your skills for concise writing. If a title is too long, it means that you might have used too many unnecessary words.


When your title is accurate, the readers can get a clear idea of what they will read in the essay. A precise title will verify the overall quality of the paper and won’t mislead the reader.

Active voice

The verbs you use in your title should be in active voice rather than passive.  The output of the title becomes more straightforward. It ensures clarity by making it clear to the readers who are taking action in your essay.

Components of a strong essay title

A catchy hook

It introduces your subject argument to your readers in a creative way. It draws your reader’s attention immediately into reading the essay.

Topic keywords

Keywords are related to the critical topics that you are going to discuss further or in detail. It is mainly the ‘what’ of your essay. In a good title, the topic keywords describe the essay in question.

Focus keyword or source

These are the stand firms of the ‘when or where’ aspect of your essay. They help your readers understand a little more about the source of the argument and where the concepts originate.

Ideas of how to write an essay title

The following are some of the ideas that you should consider as you frame an essay title

Write the title at the end

Writing your essay title first is more logical, but doing the opposite can be very beneficial. Most of the time, you waste a lot of time as you try to think of coming up with a good essay title before writing.

Some of the title ideas that you have will help you focus and develop an argument. You should note them down. Writing your essay first will give you a clear picture of what to write in your title. Reading your essay after writing will help you come up with a title that intrigues your reader.

You will not spend too much time trying to figure out the title. It will be easy to develop a proper essay title as you write and reread your work.

Use your thesis statement

 A good title will offer your reader the reason the be reading your essays. It makes them eager to know what you are writing. Your thesis statement plays a significant role in ensuring that you come up with a clear title. When you write your thesis first, you will have a great understanding of your title.

Your thesis and the title should be interdependent. The thesis is incorporated as part of the title since it is the focus of your argument. The two should bear the theme and effectively summarize the essay.

Examine the tone and audience of your essay

When you know your audience, your title should focus on catching their attention towards what you have written. The tone, too, plays a vital role in creating a perfect title. Making the title according to the tone guides your reader and complements straightforward content.

If the subject matter of your essay is severe, avoid being witty and weird in your headline. As for a personal statement essay that has some anecdote, you can have a humorous title. The tone of your title and the writing should always match.

Keep the title simple

The title should be easy and simple to understand. When you use complex words, you damage the effect of your essay. Complicated words confuse your reader too and can cause some not to read your article.

You should avoid adding any unnecessary details in the title. Use the most important keywords from your essay to help you come up with an exciting title.

Make it unique and original

Avoid directly copying other writer’s titles. You can research or read them for inspiration but not copying. Your title should be unique and original based on the essay. If you find a title engaging in any case, customize it according to your essay and then use it.

Look out for creative quotes

Adding a quote in your essay is a good way of adding something new. You can pick a relevant quote that is appropriate to your writing and suits the headline. Popular idioms and phrases make your title perfect, more approachable, and relatable to the readers.

Avoid using jargon and abbreviations

You should avoid using jargon and abbreviations, for they make the title look more casual. Use proper words and terms that the reader can understand. It should not be confusing or leave the readers with many questions.

Sum up your essay title in up to 9 words

Your essay title should be brief but give readers an idea regarding the main point of your essay. Long and detailed titles are cumbersome. It makes it tedious for the reader to understand the context of the essay. An outstanding essay title only sticks to the point.

Can an essay title be a question?

It is preferably acceptable to use questions as titles for any writing. A question can be more effective more than just a simple title. It makes the reader better understand what is in the essay, what it demands, and what it appeals to. It leaves an uncommon impression in the reader’s mind making them more curious.

Know when to use

Your main aim in using a question as an essay title is to ensure your reader gets an extensive response to it in the text. If you are writing a personal essay, you may prefer to use a question to make the title more fascinating. In formal essays, you can use a question, but it should be relevant and informative.

Write the question properly

The essay title should be catchy and consistent in a general tone. It should also predict the content that you will discuss. You can start with Who, What, When, How or Why, Is/ Are, Do/Does, or Will.

It is good not to make it too obvious

Make the answer to the question so unpredictable. After reading the title, readers can somehow predict what you will discuss. When you reveal everything from the start, some may not go on reading. Make your answer dubious as you cover the topic of the body.

It should intrigue the reader

The title is the first thing your readers will see. You have to make that one sentence so appealing to catch their attention. You can employ an anecdote element as an excellent attention grabber.

Set the tone

It would be best to first think about your audience and the subject matter before writing your question. If your essay is a particular fact or historical event, you need to develop a clear and straightforward question. In an informal essay, you can write the question in a playful tone.

English essay titles

The essay titles in English are under different categories according to the type of essay you are writing. The following are some of the lists of essay titles under each classification;

Argumentative essay titles

These titles require you to investigate something in great detail, form, and argument over it and defend using supporting data. They include:

  1. The role of physical education in the school system.
  2. Do people learn the art of becoming a politician, or are they born with it?
  3. What is the impact of the Internet on education?
  4. Technology plays a role in making people feel more isolated.

Expository essay titles

You give a clear and focused explanation of these titles. You don’t provide an original argument, but rather the essay should be balanced and well-organized because of the topic.

  1. Why is it difficult for most teenagers to deal with their parents’ divorce?
  2. What are the most productive ways students can spend their leisure time?

Descriptive essay titles

Under the titles, you describe a specific thing using sensory data. The following is the list of examples

  1. The benefits of a smartphone from the ’60s
  2. How will life be in 2050?
  3. The most exciting movie to watch during the summer vacation

Research essay titles

You formulate these titles so that you will be required to give a detailed analysis of something. You synthesize what you learn or find with your ideas. Some of the research essay titles are;

  1. The violent effect cartoons have on children.
  2. Everyday events and experiences that increase terrorism
  3. How has the divorce rate changed over the past decade?

Narrative essay titles

The titles direct you to share a personal experience by telling a story. Your creative form of writing depends on how intense and exciting your title is. Some examples of these titles include;

  1. How does technology influence your life and hobbies?
  2. The school lesson that has the most significant influence on student’s life
  3. What are the things you regret most in life?

Essay titles Generators

An essay title generator is an option that helps find a topic to talk about in case you have a problem coming up with one. offers titles generators that could be of great help and give the best options to start your essay.

The title generator shows you where the available subject fields are based under each essay you want to write. It gives you a variety of unique titles and themes. Title generators focus on the area that you are most interested in and what to write.

You can get the most original and creative titles that are very easy to use. In title generators, you can search and get ideas that are different from any other person.

MLA Essay Format

The Modern Language Association developed the MLA essay format. It acts as a means for the literature and language fields to format the papers and assignments uniformly. The uniform or consistent method to develop a paper or assignment allows for easy reading. 

MLA style specifies guidelines for formatting manuscripts and citing research in writing. It also provides you with a system of referencing your sources through a parenthetical citation in essays or work cited pages. 

How to title an essay in MLA format

The title of the essay is centered. It appears under the heading information on the first page and above the first line of your essay. You should double-space the title. Avoid underlining, italicizing, or using quotation marks in your title. When you underline your title, it amounts to emphasis.

Write the title in title case (standard capitalization), not all in capital letters. You use quotation marks and italics when referring to other works in your title. The title shouldn’t be colored.

How to write the title of a book in an essay

Capitalization of the titles

You capitalize the first and the last words and any other principal word in the title. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are the part of speech that you will capitalize. For example,

The Fault in Our Stars

The Brief Wondrous Life of a Young Girl.

You don’t capitalize the articles, prepositions (against, as, between, of, to), coordinating conjunctions, and ‘To’ infinitives.

Punctuation in MLA titles

You punctuate the title well, as in the case of a sentence. When there is a subtitle, you separate it from the main title using a colon and space. Even if it is different, it is best to use punctuation in the source, for example, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

There is an exception when the title ends in a question mark, exclamation point, or dash. In this case, you keep the original punctuation.

For example, When Will This War be Over? The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson, Gordonsville, Virginia, 1864.

Titles within titles

Sometimes a title may contain another title. Like a title of an essay about a book may include the book’s title. In longer titles, within shorter titles, you will italicize the inner title. When writing shorter titles within short works, you use single quotation marks in the internal title.

For example, ‘The Great Gatsby and Cacophony of the Americans Dream.’

Abbreviating titles

When you need to mention the name of the title itself, you mainly omit the subtitle. If you need to refer to the work multiple times, you can shorten the title to something familiar to the reader. Mostly, you use the noun phrase. You can abbreviate The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as Huckleberry Finn.

Sometimes the standalone abbreviation may not be unambiguous. In such a case, you introduce it in the parentheses following the standard guidelines of abbreviation. When you abbreviate a title, you should make sure that the formatting is consistent. In Merchant of Venice, the abbreviation can be MV.

Titles in a foreign language

If you write a title in a language different from English, adding the translated title in square brackets is best.

How to title a personal essay

Your readers will use your title as the filter to decide whether your essay is what they are looking for to read. A solid and specific title is the first step towards citations, inclusion of analyses, and influence of your field.

Before writing the title, consider your audience because they influence the choice of words. Consider a title that will be most interesting to the audience. It would be best if you gave your audience a reason to read the essay. 

Incorporate critical keywords in the title. Most readers come to an essay from a search engine, so include the essential words. It will entice the reader to read as they find answers to their questions.

How to write an essay title for a movie 

When writing a movie essay, you may want to attribute a famous movie quote or mention a movie title in your text.  It would help if you always wrote the title of the movie correctly. The identification of complete work should be in italics while any part of the whole is in quotation marks.

You italicize the name of the film or series while the scene or episode is in quotation marks. For example, Titanic movie,’ I am Flying’ scene.

Within a text, the title is in title case in all the formats. The title case is valid for both the complete work and the part of it.

How I Met Your Mother,’ Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M’


An essay title contains the main idea you are discussing in the essay.  It talks more about the essay before reading it. Coming up with a great title calls for you to invest proper time and commitment in your essay. How to write an essay title will determine the number of people to read the paper.

As much as your efforts are in delivering the essay, so should they be crafting a title. It would be best if you grabbed the reader’s attention right from the start of your writing. The discussed tips above will give you the knowledge and competence to think through your title.

Going through your essay a couple of times will help you frame an essay title. If you need help with your essay title, you can also seek help from the essay title generators. They will focus on your main ideas and area of interest and give you options for the title.

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