How to Write Humanities Essays

How to Write Humanities Essays

Did you know you will spend half of your college life writing essays? Humanities essays writing are among the everyday tasks in colleges. That’s why this article wants to prepare you for your journey ahead by teaching you basics and advanced ways of essay writing.

What are humanities essays?

They are essays that require you to discuss everyday human activities. They can be social, political, economics, or religious humanities essays. These assignments require you to consult widely. The success of writing a humanity essay depends on your passion for the subject and your interaction with daily activities in your environment. You can also succeed if you follow these tips.

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How to Write Humanities Essays
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1.     Hire a professional writer

Sometimes you don’t have time to write your essay or don’t know the nature of a humanities essay. Maybe you have other assignments, or you have a part-time job.  The internet has professional writers willing to help you complete your essay.

2.     Follow instructions

The first assurance to write excellent humanities essays is to adhere to the given guidelines. Most students fail their exams because they ignore some minor details in the given instructions. Even if you think your lecturer is petty, just do what they say for your own good.   For instance, if they say you should not consult outside sources or use a specific humanity essay topic, be obedient.

Read your instructions twice to ensure you get everything right.  The first reading is to get a rough idea of the essay.  The second time you go deeper into highlighting keywords, repeated phrases, new vocabulary, and bolded parts. Afterward, you now analyze each part, trying to understand what they mean, their context, and their bearing on the essay.

humanity essay topic

 You should take a minimum of ten minutes revising the given guidelines.  You won’t see essential details in your humanity paper by hurriedly going through the guidelines. You need to concentrate and consider everything in your essay.  Spend more time in this section to avoid repeating your essay several times because you don’t understand what you should write.

Ask for clarification where necessary.  Some students prefer failing to seek help. They fear that their tutor will deduct marks for being inquisitive. They will gladly answer your questions regarding humanities research paper topics.

3.     Research your essay

Researching before you write allows you to have enough content for your assignment. It’s okay if you are conversant with the topic. Is the knowledge you have enough to write your essay? If no, you may need to add more from other scholars.

Researching your humanities papers allows you to write quality content. Unless it’s a reflection paper, never write an assignment without research. Even if your lecturer does not mention it, it’s basic knowledge that a college student should research before writing. You will get quality information from other scholars that will add value to your work

Use credible sources for your essay. Researching your paper does not mean that you get any content from the internet. Academic writing has some standards on the type of material that you should use for your paper. Stick to these rules because lecturers will not accept any non-academic materials.

How to know the right internet content for your humanities essays

 Use educational websites. Not every site on google is fit for your essay. Ensure you get your content from sources that have scholarly backups. Google Scholar, Research Gate, and have credible information for your assignment. You can search for any humanity topics for essays from these websites.

Your sources should be less than five years old. It’s not enough to get humanity research paper topics from the internet. Your reference has to be from recent research projects. The only old information allowed in academics is theories formulated by the founding fathers of the various subjects.

The reason you are discouraged from using old sources is that the humanities discipline is an evolving subject. Everyday scholars publish new content that expounds on the previous researchers. If you stick to outdated sources you will miss the current issues affecting your topic.

Use books or PDF articles.  These sources have credible content written by scholars. The information presented has gone through editing. These ensure that it’s trusted and ready for reference. It’s also easy to find people who have criticized the content, which helps you make the right decision.

Avoid using blog posts. They have unverified and exaggerated contents that can’t be used for an essay about humanities. People write blog posts for fun and not for educational purposes and they are less concerned about credibility. You don’t want to use such information in an academic essay.

4.     Use theories

Theories are constructed ideas that guide how people argue and present their cases. Using them in studying humanities will make your work impressive. These concepts are popular among scholars who have read widely, and using them will add you to the list.

Ensure your theories align with the subject of study.  The challenge with using these concepts is that they can change the meaning of your essay if misused.  Use them only when you know how and when to use them.

5.     Format your essay

It’s essential to ensure that your essay is organized. Lecturers appreciate assignments that have a consistent flow. Formatting your paper hides dozens of mistakes in your work.  It blinds the tutor to think that the content is as impressive as the outward appearance.

Your humanities essay structure will depend on your lecturer’s recommended instructions. Each referencing style uses a different way of organizing your paper.  Most humanities use the APA style and that is what we will use in this article.

Format the title page. It’s the first section of your essay. It contains your personal information and your school.  APA format requires you to include your name, school, course, date, and the title of your essay.  Ensure to impress your lecturer in this section. It will motivate them to read your humanities essays.

Adhere to basic APA formatting rules in your body section.  Write your paper in times new roman, double spaced, and twelve fonts. Capitalize each word in your titles and subtitles and place them at the center. Please note that APA does bold the titles.

6.     Write an impressive introduction

The first place to show your expertise in writing an essay is in the introduction. The section determines whether your audience will read the rest of the essay. Set the right tone by spending enough time to construct your first paragraph.

A humanities essay introduction gives background information about your essay. Tell your audience about the already available information and what you will present in your assignment. You can talk about known figures or information about your subject of study.

 Start your essay with statistics. It’s the best way to capture your reader’s attention. Figures assure your audiences that your paper is factual and written from an informed perspective. Their curiosity to understand why you have included the numbers will make them read your essay to the end.

Write a convincing thesis statement. The last line of your introduction gives a summary of your humanities essays.   Your reader should form an opinion about your assignment by reading this sentence. They should not get any surprises later on in your paper.

Write your introduction last.  The hardest part to write it’s this section.  Sometimes you get confused because you don’t know how things will be in the middle of your essay. You may decide to change the topic or divert your opinion from the thesis statement.

Writing an introduction allows you to have a broader context to cover. You don’t have to worry about your thesis statement or be limited to the information you give in this section. You can write whatever you want in your essay then tailor the introduction to fit in it.

7.     Write clear body paragraphs

It’s essential to ensure that your content flows.  Each paragraph should lead to the other. Your audience should not be confused about the occurrence of events because of disorganized paragraphs. The good thing about college humanities essays is that you can always cut and paste them since they are typed.  

Write short paragraphs in your essay.  The size of each section determines your reader’s attitude towards your essay. Writing a long first body paragraph may prevent your audience from reading further.  They create an impression that all other sections have the same length.  Each section should have five sentences at most.

Your sentences should be short. Each should have a maximum of twenty words. It helps you avoid fluffy content and wordy sentences.

Include a topic sentence. It’s the first line of a paragraph that summarizes the whole section. Stick to the topic sentence throughout your essay about humanities. Your paragraph should have one idea.  Mixing your thoughts creates confusion. It becomes challenging for your reader to understand what you are discussing.  

8.     Include a convincing conclusion

The last part of your humanities essay’s example should be clear. Some students assume that a conclusion is not essential. They write this section with less attention and enthusiasm.   

 The conclusion is the first thing your lecturer reads. After reading the introduction, they come to this section to form an opinion about your essay about humanities.  That’s why students complain that they wrote excellently but scored low grades.  Spend time here to avoid poor scores in your exam.

Avoid using in-text citations.  Some student gets excited when they hear that a conclusion determines their grades. They want to include references to conclude better, which ends up damaging its purpose.  

The conclusion is meant for your opinion and summary. It’s the only chance you get to say what you think about your humanities essays. Your readers want to hear what you learned from scholars and not directing them back to them.

9.Write a draft copy for your humanities essays

It’s essential to first write all humanity topic ideas important for your paper in a draft that will help you organize your final copy. It contains all information you have gathered online, including references and direct quotes. A rough copy makes it easier to write your essay since you have the information you need.

Ensure your draft contains essential contents. Before including any material in your copy, scrutinize it to remove fluff and unnecessary information. it’s tiresome to write in a draft what you will not include in your final essay.  

 Organize your draft. Being a rough copy does not mean that the essay will have no title page, have numerous fonts, no page numbers, and different spacing. It should look like your final copy. The difference between the two is that the final essay is the one you hand over to your lecturer.

10. Include a table of content in your humanities essays

The table of content gives your essay a direction. It’s written after the title page. Your audience will easily navigate throughout your paper.  Use the automatic one to allow your reader to jump to any section of your work.  Consider using the black and white one because it’s more professional.

11.Write an abstract for your essay

It’s the summary of your essay. An abstract contains the flow of your essay from introduction to conclusion. It highlights what each section of your paper contains. This part of your essay should not be longer than two hundred words. Ensure you only include the primary content to avoid having a voluminous section.

12.Cite your essay

Citation is an essential requirement in humanities essays. It’s a way of showing that you researched your work which increases your credibility. Please include it in your paper even when your lecturer has not mentioned it.

Follow the required format for in-text citation. Read the instruction to know whether you should use APA or MLA and follow it to the letter. APA requires you to use the author-date format.  Ensure you adhere to the rule to avoid penalties.  Some lecturers do not take it right when you ignore their guidelines.

Include two to three citations in each paragraph. Its shows you researched widely and your humanities research paper topics are trustworthy. Using more than the required sources will plagiarize your work. It will no longer be about what you say but about your authors.

13.Include a reference list

A reference list is the last section in your humanity research paper which gives more details about in-text citations. It shows the author’s full name, the title of the book or article, and the publisher’s name. Your audience uses this section to get more details about a quote you included in your essay.

Follow the basics rules of writing a reference list. Though each referencing style has its way of writing this section, they all share some commonalities. For instance, write them in an orderly manner and indent the second sentences. Lastly, write them on a separate page.


The article has highlighted how to write humanities essays. The most crucial point to remember is following instructions, researching your essay, and creating a perfect first impression.  Contact us to help you with your essay. Go out with your friends with the assurance that we will deliver your essay on time.


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