Business Analytics

You are required to analyze a real-world business analytics problem from within the last 6 months using material from at least 2 areas of MISM6200 and at least one area of MISM6202. You must collect and analyze real data. This is to be a report of ‘business presentation’ quality including appropriate language expression, visualization and managerial insights. This is a paired group project (2 people).


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Business Analytics
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Apply material from at least 2 topic areas in MISM6200
Apply material from at least 1 topic area in MISM6202
Analyze real data
Make an original managerial conclusion supported by your analysis.
This report is in PDF format and should be less than 1500 words, have no fewer than 2 illustrations and have fully footnoted and cited sources. You must use at least 5 sources in your report. A separate A3 poster in PDF format that summarizes your report is also required.

Other infomation in .docx.For more information on Business Analytics read :

Business Analytics

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