Business Ethics

For this Assignment you need to review Figure 8.1(just ignore it), which summarizes arguments for and against business involvement in the political process. According to research there is a significant relationship between leadership style and the effectiveness of organizational development as people are the cornerstone of success in an organization.Now you have some understanding of CSR and its necessity for the firm’s Self Governance and its success. Select an organization of your choice(Walmart) answer the following questions(Let’s take Walmart as an example):● How CSR initiatives can be aligned with the company’s vision and mission statements to improve its CSR reputation and attract talented people?● How Human Resource Management can play a significant role in CSR?● What is the relationship between employees’ motivation through the earning concept and reward system rather than helping for their wellbeing and the betterment of society?● Can CSR influence a firm’s performance?● Would you judge a leader based on his /her impact on the organization’s bottom line?Please provide a minimum of a five (5) pages APA formatted paper in response to these questions. Must reference at least eight (8) peer-reviewed sources beyond the course materialFor more information on Business Ethics check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Business Ethics
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