Business Goal

For this assignment, use some of the following techniques to gain insights and familiarize yourself with the company: (

Review the website experience from the perspective of a customer: Pretend you’re a customer, walk through the website (Booking. com) and take note of the following:
What do you notice?
Is the website trying to sell you something? Draw your attention to deals or discounts?
How are they doing this? With animation? Color? Information hierarchy?
What do they want you to think is important?
What is the goal of this website overall?
Research the market: What other companies are vying for competition in this market? Pick 2 competitors (Expedia and CheapTickets), walk through their websites and take note of the following:
What major similarities and differences do you notice?
What are they doing better/worse than your company?
What market or business data can you find online? Which of these companies are out performing the others? How?
Optionally, leverage techniques from this article: How to analyze a competitor’s content strategy
(Links to an external site.)
Understand the audience: Look on the company’s website (, blog or search for more information to understand the audience. Ask yourself questions such as:

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Business Goal
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Are they known for serving one type of audience vs. another?
If you were to guess, who do you think your company’s top customer personas would be? Families? Business people? Other companies?
Has your company been in the press? Is a certain audience described in the press?
What audiences is the company reaching through media placements?

Deliverable: Individual assignment. Each student should create a summary of findings about the company, competitors and audience.For more information on Business Goal read :

Business Goal

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