Business Law

You are the manager of a shipping company, Swift Shipping (SS). You have a longtime customer, Vicki Vegetable (VV) who ships produce. Because of your relationship, you often bend SS’s rules for this customer; it would be a shame to lose her business.

VV calls you one day and asks for expedited shipment for a special package. VV wants you to move her shipment from LA to New York as quickly as you can. You ignore SS protocol for written signatures and invoices, and just order a driver to get the shipment moving.

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Business Law
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The police pull over your driver for speeding in New Jersey. The police search the truck, and find marijuana hidden in with the veggies. Additionally, because the shipment was not completed, VV refuses to pay for the order.

Discuss the issues raised in Chapter 10 and 11 that both help and hurt your chances to recover payment from VV.

Abril, Jeffrey F. Beatty; Susan S. Samuelson; P. Introduction to Business Law. Cengage Learning US, 2018. [Columbia College].

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Business Law

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