Capstone Project

You will choose an organization from which you can get current financial statements (most likely a publicly traded company) and in which you can identify two problems or challenges requiring a strategic analysis and plan. Please check with your instructor if you are unsure. You should construct a strategic plan for the company that would address the two challenges or problems you have identified. Some companies identified in your textbook are Tesla, JC Penney, and Proctor & Gamble, but you can choose any company that interests you.

A Strategic Plan will include

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Capstone Project
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An introduction that highlights two problems or challenges facing the firm (1 paragraph)
The company’s history, vision, mission, and values as well as the organizational structure (1 page)
Existing goals and objectives, which may be modified as your research dictates. (1 paragraph)
A thorough SWOT analysis (1-2 pages)
A financial analysis including at least 3 financial ratios that highlight important aspects of the company (1-2 pages)
Research and assessments based on challenges specific to that company (1-2 pages)
Documentation methods for evaluation of those challenges, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (1/2 – 1 page)
Trends and developments in the industry (1/2 – 1 page)
Conclusion: Measured recommendations as to how to deal with internal and external challenges and changes. (1-2 pages)

Write a 9-12 page paper, creating a strategic plan. Keep in mind that each case study you choose should cover multiple themes in the course. Recognizing the main strategic problems or challenges (highlight 2 in the case study) is an important part of the assignment. Divide your paper into sections, with section headings, based on the elements of the strategic plan (bullet points above). Be sure to include an introduction as well as a conclusion that ties the main points together in a meaningful way. Use the page counts as a guideline; aim to stay within a 20% margin of the recommended page counts. This paper should be written exclusively in the third person and adhere to APA writing guidelines. Please use and cite at least five reputable sources, including your textbook. An exemplary case study includes at least 2 scholarly sources from the CSP library. Please see the Library Resources link to help you identify and locate scholarly sources. Please refer to the grading rubric for grading expectations.For more information on Capstone Project read :

Capstone Project

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