Case Study Analysis

Case Study #3 is on pages 101-102 of the text book. Students should submit an analysis of the case study. It is suggested that you use the attached Case Study template to guide the analysis. Simply download the template, and type your case study analysis into the template.

Make sure to refer to the Case Study Reflective Rubric embedded within this assignment.

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Case Study Analysis
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Students should also:

· Write in narrative form

· Examine the issues

· Define the problem

· Discuss the alternatives and consequences

· Determine/defend the best solutions

· Use scholarly sources to support your claims and APA formatting.

I am including pages 101-102 for the assignment and the reference for the book.

Case Study Analysis

Kowalski, Theodore J., et al. Data-Driven Decisions and School Leadership: Best Practices for School Improvement. Pearson, 2008. .For more information on Case Study Analysis Check:

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