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Comparative study in accounting education

Hello, I want help in write a research proposal. I have a brief introduction and I have the research questions still need help in Abstract 1.1. Statement of the problem (10-12 sentences ) 1.2. Research questions need (brief introduction ) (4-5 sentences) 1.3. Research objectives (brief introduction ) (4-5 sentences) 1.4. Motivation of the study […]

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Company Selection for Individual Project

Please post to this forum by creating a new thread and submitting your company selection for the individual project. The criteria are as follows: • The company must be a U.S., European or Asian public firm • You must have easy access to the financial statement of the firm • There is not company duplication […]

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Piaget’s View

(Section 1 – Application Paper) Analyze a person’s cognitive development, from birth to full cognitive maturity, from Piaget’s view. This person can be yourself, someone else, or someone imaginary. Address at least 10 concepts associated with Piaget’s theory. Include an example of each concept within your narrative. Please highlight these 10 concepts in Bold. Write […]

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Communication Strategies

Must include!: what is the most important lesson(s), skill(s). How would I change my approach toward communication in my everyday life.

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IDEO Deep Dive Reflection Paper

1. View the Deep Dive video (this is a better URL for this video) and read the article on IDEO analyzing innovative companies. 2. Write a 600-750 word paper sharing your reflection on the video. Include, at a minimum:  Three (or more) takeaways or lessons learned that resonate with you.  Tell me […]

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Due date: Friday mid-night Week 8 due Saturday July 11, 2020 11:59pm 9-10 pages, double space, APA standard Late penalty of 10% per day, up until the 5th day, when the assignment will no longer be accepted. Assignments are to be handed in at the beginning of class or will be deemed late. This is […]

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Theories of Interpersonal Communication

You are to select a film and examine several theories of interpersonal communication discussed in your text to see how they are portrayed in film. The focus will be on how communication is used to initiate, maintain, and terminate relationships. The film will serve as a vehicle for learning about interpersonal communication and relationships. You […]

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Commercial Aspects of Mobile Media

Write a short post (150-300 words, about 1 to 2 paragraphs) addressing the prompt posted below. The questions are written to help guide your thoughts, but you may choose to explore other aspects of one or both readings if there was something else that stood out to you. The readings/lectures from Wednesday and Thursday discussed […]

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Distribution Channel

Many companies are using technology to cut out the middleman and sell more directly to the consumer – think about music video downloads, e-books, software, etc. How do you think technology will continue to revolutionize the distribution channel in the future? What other industries might benefit from a more direct-to-consumer model using technology?

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Designing an Exchange Management Program

Review the “Case Application” at the end of Chapter 9: Exchange Risk Management at Merck. ******UPLOADED****** Using the 5-step process outlined, develop your own 5-step program for managing exchange risk for your proposed acquisition. Your proposal must be four pages (excluding title and reference pages) in length. In addition to the requirements above, your paper: […]

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