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Write an essay that describes, summarizes, and analyzes the underlying ideas present in an advertisement of your choice, either television or print.   The purpose of this assignment is to represent the advertisement accurately through description and support claims about how the advertisement functions by explaining the underlying assumptions of the ad. Describe your advertisement […]

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Aspects of Popular Culture

Magazines, movies, video games, billboards – these are just some aspects of popular culture that replicate and influence social “norms” of being and behaviour. Choose one component of popular culture and become a sociologist seeking insights about social norms.   This is not merely an opinion paper – each of your conclusions must be supported […]

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Nonverbal Communication Analysis

Analyze either a video clip or real-life scenario at a café, grocery store or other public space. Write an essay of 1200 words minimum applying the topics discussed in class. APA citations.   You do not need to reference your class-notes, though if you are using specific details/quotations from the text, you should cite those. […]

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Addressing a Political and Social Issue

Topic For the first essay, find an op-ed (and not a letter to the editor) addressing a political or social issue that has been published in a major American newspaper or magazine sometime since July 5th of last year. Then, argue for or against the effectiveness of the author’s argument. If this sounds too daunting, […]

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Elements of a Rhetorical Situation

Please read and analyze the rhetoric used by Bill Cosby in this speech, the speech is: (Bill Cosby, Address at the NAACP’ on the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education (2004))   Here is the link for the speech you need to analyze the rhetoric of https://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/billcosbypoundcakespeech.htm Identify and analyze elements of the […]

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Technical Report

A Research Report concerning a serial murderer of your choice will comprise 27% of your grade. The Due date is posted in the Calendar and in the Announcement section of Canvas. This assignment is graded according to whether instructions are followed, all parts are included, content is accurate, the presentation (grammar, spelling, organization) is correct, […]

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Positive and Normative Analysis

This is a short paper assignment which includes both positive and normative analysis. The topic concerns the possible relationship between state government opening/closing policies and the incidence of COVID-19 infections. 1. Start by reading the article denoted “state openings” in the Coronavirus folder in Files. This will provide some information on the topic, especially different […]

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Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor (Fictitious Editor) format answering the following: – Describe one public policy issue related to supporting a senior community center’s staff and volunteers in working with people approaching the end of life who are showing signs of depression. – Describe your position, and identify an opposing perspective to the issue. – What is […]

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Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct: Poor Judgement The purpose of this assignment is to understand how ethics and the law affect a variety of health care professions. The ethical code for each profession demands a high level of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Professional behavior facilitates the resolution of ethical dilemmas, and each health care professional […]

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Child Succeeds Act Effectiveness in Florida

Every Child Succeeds Act effectiveness in Florida/Miami Dade county in relation to Public Administration. Write a Proposed Research methodology applying graduate research methods and techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of the ESSA program. Apply Theories and principles of Public Administration. The research method I’ve chosen and think will work best is a literature review. Identify […]

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