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Standard Deviation

HW #5 Z-scores A normal distribution of scores has a standard deviation of σ =10; and a μ = 70. Find the z-scores corresponding to each of the following values: a) A score that is 20 points above the mean. (Hint: what score is 20 points above the mean of μ = 70?) b) A […]

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Shark Tank Assignment

Instructions Select two of the products featured in the links below. Answer the questions based on your review of the product pitches. Your answers should be in essay form and demonstrate critical thinking and use of concepts from the class. IMPORTANT TIP: You are not reviewing the products you are reviewing the pitches. Don’t think […]

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Numerical Assignment

you have to make spreadsheet to answer some of the questions, and the others you can write in words. upload your spreadsheet and answers as a single file. The file must be in a spreadsheet-type format (for example, .xls) so that we can open it and look at the formulas.

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Systems of Equations

Your task for this discussion is as follows: Write a system of two linear equations that model something from your daily life. Solve the system of equations in two ways. Discuss which method you liked better and why. In your responses to peers, compare and contrast your preferences for how to solve systems of equations.

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Monthly Contributions

This is just a homework assignment I am needing the answers to Question 1 Find the correct excel formula to find the total in a savings account: Monthly Amount = $1800 Interest Rate = 0.15% Years in Account = 25 Group of answer choices =FV(0.0015/12,25*12,-1800) =FV(0.15/12,25*12,-1800) =FV(0.0015,300,-1800) =FV(0.15/12,300,-1800) =FV(.0015/12,25*12,1800) Question 2 An employer will do […]

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World of Algebra

As we jump into the world of Algebra, it is important to discuss how math, specifically Algebra, is used in the real-world. Search for videos from Ted Ed showing the real-world value of mathematics. Choose a video to watch and then provide a one-paragraph summary (3-4 sentences) of the video in your own words. Be […]

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Introduction to SPSS/Frequency

The most commonly used descriptive statistics are measures of central tendency including mean, median, and mode. In this assignment, you will watch some informative videos to become familiar with SPSS, enter data, and then answer some basic questions about a data set. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: […]

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Calculus 2 Assignment

Please double-check all work and proofread every answer. Thank you very much. Also: For problem 1, the denominator is supposed to be: 4^n +cos^2(n) In addition, for problem 1, the professor says to apply this: “Since you are squaring the cosine and sine terms they will always be positive so what is there max/min value? […]

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Math Assignment

1-The revenue from the sale of a product is, in dollars, R = 1500x + 3000(4x + 3)−1 − 1000 where x is the number of units sold. Find the marginal revenue when 200 units are sold. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) $ Interpret your result. If the sales go from 200 units […]

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Determine the solutions in the interval [−2π, 2π] to the following trigonometric equation. You may leave one of your solutions in the exact form x = arccos y. You must show all of your steps. Mysterious or unsupported work will not be counted. 1 + cos2 x = 2 sin x 2.

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