Genetics and Mutation

Watch and take notes on Dr John Sanford’s November 2018 45 min. presentation to the National Institute of Health on, plus the 20+ questions and answers that follow. Answer the following questions:   Name 2 famous geneticists who expressed grave concerns about the effects of mutation accumulation on human fitness. According to Haldane, what […]

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The Ethical Implications of Human Cloning

12pt Times New Roman Font.Double Spaced. One Inch Margins. Bibliography with AT LEAST 5 sources on a separate page at the end. Please state the subject of your paper clearly.   A potential title will be appreciated. SUBJECT: The Ethical Implications of Human Cloning. Academic and reliable sources for your bibliography could be found: Online […]

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Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement

PART 1: ANNOTATED Bibliography and Thesis Statement/Due July 10th Conduct preliminary research on the form, content, and context of your artwork. Identify a minimum of THREE online academic sources from your library website that are relevant to your research.   Your sources could be eBooks and journal articles. Read your sources and write about 150 […]

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The Decline of the Manufacturing Sector

analyze the reasons for the decline of the manufacturing sector and the reasons for the tremendous growth in the service sector  

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Topics of Interests

selecting a social, political, or professional topic that interests you. What is the issue and why is it important to yourself and/or others? Why are you interested in the topic?   What is the topic’s significance What are the various views and opinions about your topic? Are there any relevant or interesting facts or ideas […]

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Important Artefacts in the USA

Here, you’ll create a PowerPoint presentation in which you analyze an item from the period ((1877 through about 2010)). You may choose virtually anything widely used in the USA and the possible choices can include clothing, furniture, gadgets, cars, buildings, and artworks.   (My only restriction is the smartphone, the impact of which is still […]

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Classical Sociologists

Write a brief essay on a classical sociologist that interests you. You must discuss the sociologist’s contributions to the field of sociology. You must only use academic resources and must be double spaced with 1″ margins Times New Roman 12 point font. Must also include title and reference page.

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Adolescent Development

Watch “Adolescence: Crash Course #20” at Complete the “Adolescent Development Module” at Be sure to complete Parts 1 through 4, the Summary, and the Final Exam. Post a screenshot of your results. You must earn a minimum score of 8/10 to received full credit for this assignment. Write a one-page reflection on your […]

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Astronomical Spectroscopy

Research and write a brief 200 overview about astronomical spectroscopy, how the astronomical spectroscope works, and how astronomical spectroscopy contributes to the science of astronomy. Use a minimum of three (3) references, listing your references in the proper format.

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Putting Bacteria to Work

Discuss how we can put microbes to work to facilitate our lives: from keeping our landscape clean to making delicious food and beverages. Review the Learning Activities in Module 9 to assist you with this assignment. Objectives: Recognize the importance of microorganisms in water and sewage treatment plants. Describe food Microbiology, focusing on both preventative […]

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