Cause of Hunger in the World

Hey there! This assignment is pretty simple, most of the answers are found in the textbook. I will be giving you the link. Also, please cite every page number after the answer to the question.
textbook link:
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(1) How many people in the world suffer from not having sufficient food to eat?

(2) How can one person, such as yourself, help bring about change that impacts the world?

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Cause of Hunger in the World
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(3) How many people in the U.S. live in poverty?

(4) How are food insecurity and obesity linked?

(5) What is the primary cause of hunger in the world?

(6) How many people in the world have no possessions at all? (this means only having the clothes they wear, and maybe a room with a mattress on the floor)?

(7) How much money do the world’s poorest people spend on food out of their income?

(8) How does your answer for q. 7 compare to people in the U.S.? (use this link to help you answer this question: (Links to an external site.)

(9) What does the author of the textbook say about house cats’ food intake in the U.S., compared to hungry people in developing countries of the world?

(10) Explain how and why women and children in the world are the poorest of the poor.

(11) What are the chain of consequences of a world that underestimates the value of women?

(12) Explain Hidden Hunger, and specifically how it affects women and children.

(13) How many children per minute die due to malnutrition?

(14) How does chronic malnutrition in children in developing countries, causes them to become adults that remain in poverty?

(15) Define food deserts (page 335).

(16) Can you think of areas in the Bay Area that may be defined as a Food Desert? (you can go outside the textbook to help you).

(17) How are environmental degradation and hunger connected?

(18) How much of our fresh water is wasted yearly to produce food that will be wasted?

(19) How much food each year is wasted in the U.S.? (percentage and calories per person wasted)

(20) How many pounds of grain are needed to produce one pound of beef?

(21) How many calories of fuel are needed to create a can of corn?

(22) How does agriculture decrease species diversity?

(23) How does eating lower in the food chain help your health, and the planet’s health? (you can go outside the textbook to help you).

(24) Define the ecological footprint.

(25) Discuss 3 steps that governments and businesses can take to help create sustainability and restrict waste in the food supply.

(26) Discuss 3 ways that you, individually, can waste less food at home (some examples can be found in page 582 and 588).

(27) Discuss 3 ways that you, individually, can REALISTICALLY lower your ecological footprint.For more information on Cause of Hunger in the World check this:

Cause of Hunger in the World

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