Child development research paper topics in 2021

Child development research paper topics in 2021

Are you having trouble grasping anything to do with child development? Did you recently come across a child you couldn’t understand how they function or how they go about their daily life? Do you have to research child development but have no developmental research topics? This article is for you, to help you understand how to go about choosing child development research paper topics.

What is child development?

Child development is a physical, language, thought, and mental, psychological change in a child’s life. It occurs from birth to the early stages of adulthood. Dependency on parental figures during this process seems to decrease to the child being independent. In some cases, there may be slow progress and children’s developmental issues. What do you do to make it better? Intervention and therapy may be the best course of action.

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Child development research paper topics in 2021
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Factors that influence child development

These factors play a fundamental role in ensuring the proper development of a child. You can come up with clever developmental psychology research topics. These factors include;


Heredity can be defined as the transference of physical attributes from parents to the child genetically. Heredity genes impact physical aspects such as body structure, height, weight, eye color, hair texture, and the brain.

Health conditions like heart disease, obesity, or diabetes can genetically also be passed to the child. This can affect the development and growth of the child. You will need to come up with parent education topics to research this concept.

Environmental Factor

Nurturing a child in a positive environmental setting can bring the best qualities out of the child. It plays an important role in physical and psychological development motivation already given to the child.
Early childhood education research topics will cover this aspect of growth. Good environmental surroundings and a loving family home, help build the powerful interpersonal and social skills of a child. Stressful environments tend to mess up a child’s development.


The sex of a child is another factor that influences growth and development. It falls under human development research topics because these differences continue even in adulthood. Male and female children certainly grow in contrasting ways, especially when they’re almost hitting puberty.
The male child tends to be muscular, taller, and takes time to mature.

The female child tends to mature a lot faster than the male child during adolescence. The difference in their physical structures makes the male child more athletic and well-suited for physical activities. Show in different interests can be attributed to their varying temperaments.

Health and exercise

Sports activities help the body in gaining muscular strength and the development of bone mass. Good exercise gives children the advantage to grow well and hit new milestones every day. Exercise aids in fighting off diseases by building up the immune system, which keeps the child healthy. This exercising factor of development can create interesting health topics for presentation.


The endocrine system produces hormones that influence several functions of the body. Production of hormones occurs in different glands located in specific parts of the body to sway body functions.
Timed operation of such hormones is vital as they help in normal physical growth and development in children. Imbalances in the operation of hormone-secreting glands can lead to growth defects, behavioral problems, and obesity. You can write a child development essay on the impacts of hormones.


Nutrition is a fundamental element in a child’s growth. It is one of the necessities that the body requires to build and repair itself from the food intake. This is especially important in early development. Malnutrition causes deficiency diseases that unfavorably influence the growth and development of children.

Malnutrition is a serious issue that you can delve into to get early childhood studies research project ideas. But, overeating can also lead to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. It is important to keep a balanced diet for the development of the body and brain. A balanced diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Family influence

Families’ profound impact plays a role in nurturing and determining how children develop socially and psychologically. Basic love and care help in developing a healthy, functional child. The positive growth can be accredited to the love, energy, and time invested into the child’s development. This is especially true for newborns and infants and can be part of toddler research topics.

Families that neglect or abuse their children turn their positive development into negative. This can cause the children to become individuals who lack good social skills. They may have a hard time bonding with other people later on in their adult lives. Parents who make their children too dependent on them can harm the child. This may disable them from coping with difficulties on their own later on in life.

Geographical influence

The turnout of a child later on in life greatly relies on where the child lives. Schools and neighborhoods serve as social factors that influence the child’s development. If the child lives in an enriching community, it helps develop the child’s talent, skill, and behavior.

Such communities have things like parks, community centers for group activities, and libraries. This can be researched as part of topics in developmental psychology. Boring community settings can forcefully push some children into staying indoors rather than going to play outside. Unfavorable weather conditions can also negatively influence a child in the form of allergies and other health problems.

Socio-economic status

The quality of an opportunity for a child, like studying in better schools, depends on the socio-economic status. Well-off families can afford to offer special aid and outstanding educational learning resources.
Keeping up with a well-balanced diet also leans on the family’s ability to give the child good nutrition. The only downside is, well-off parents are usually heavily invested in work they fail to pay their children any attention.

They can’t spend time with their children and give them the needed attention that is good for psychological development. You can come up with argumentative essay topics about child development on whether financial support is more important than attention for growing children.

Learning and reinforcement

Learning doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the schooling system. Intellectual, mental, emotional, and social build equips the child with the tools to operate a healthy functional person in society. This is where the mind of the child takes the opportunity to develop and mature. This falls under the topics in early childhood special education.

Repetition of a lesson gives a positive result as it solidifies that component of learning, thus reinforcement. Nurturing contributes much to the development of a child. Controlled nurturing helps in making sure a child gets enough rest as his development relies on it. Nutritional and exercise levels should be monitored closely because they play a crucial role in promoting a child’s timely growth and development.

Stages of child development

Transformations in children’s personalities, faculties, and scope of behaviors are covered in the development landmark a child hit. A child’s developmental stages are all influenced by laws, customs, social institutions, and norms. Researching these stages can give you a unique child development topic to write about. These are the stages of development;

Early childhood

This stage usually starts from birth up to the age of eight years. During the first year, growth and development become obvious, because it is at this time the child’s mind begins developing. It is here that the child tries to talk and walk. To come up with research proposal topics in early childhood education, you can talk to parents of infants and small children. Parents are likely to notice the development of skills such as;

Development of socio-emotions because this is when the child starts to grow attached to their parents. Quality of emotional bond can influence life functionality, relationships, and personalities established in early life.

Height and weight doubles when the child reaches the age of three years. Sitting, toilet training, using a spoon, walking, and hand-eye coordination for play are learned at this stage. At this point, the child should be able to utter and understand words ranging between 1000 and 3000 words.
Rapid growth can be noticed at the ages of 3-5 years. Fine motor skills begin to develop at this stage of life.

Vocabulary goes up to 1500 words, having the ability to formulate 5-7 words in sentences. With this information, you can come up with clever children’s psychology topics.

Middle childhood

This stage starts at the age of eight to twelve years. It is here that the child should be able to comprehend basic abstract concepts like money and time. This can also be part of human development topics because this is where your adult personality is formed.

child development
Cognitive skills, motivation, interpersonal relationships, and personality all undergo clarification. The child’s social pool becomes more complex and not limited just to her peers but to those older than them. The main developmental concentration at this stage is integration and social context. Less drama can be expected from the child at this stage.


Diversity, confusion, and significant physical, cognitive, and emotional growth are experienced in the adolescent stage. It occurs at the ages of twelve to eighteen years. Depression, psychological disorders, and mood swings become frequent. This stage is characterized by children with behavior issues as they begin to defy authority in an attempt to understand themselves. It is where the hormones take charge, and inconsistent behaviors become common. Height and weight increase at an accelerated rate at this point of a child’s life.

Cognitive development is crucial in the adolescence stage as it helps in critical thinking and reasoning about ideas and problems. Also, it is a significant stage in which the child gains a sense of independence and emotional development.

Child development research paper topics

Child development research topics are usually interesting to research and read on. But choosing a topic to focus on in an essay is not easy. Child development research paper topics can be drawn from many different issues concerning children and their growth. As you research a topic to write on, make sure that you choose one you will enjoy writing.

Ways of finding a good child development research topic

When you search the internet, you will find hundreds of topic suggestions that you can use. However, finding the right topic to write about is not that simple. You need to be more creative and dig deeper than a basic topic. Here are three methods you can use to come up with an outstanding topic;
You can take a trip to your school or the local library.

In child development books, you will uncover interesting child development research proposal topics that are not included on the internet. Look through journal articles and books from established authors to find areas that have not been well covered or researched.

The basic strategy behind getting a unique topic is finding one that has not been listed or mentioned on the internet. Parenting groups and blogs about child development are a good place to start. Talking to people with firsthand experience in child development will help you uncover ideas that have not yet been explored.

Another idea you can use is to talk directly to people who have children. This is because them having expands their experience in that field. Go through sample research questions to know what you can ask and talk about.

New parents have good insight since they compare what they read on the internet to the process of parenting. Find out what they go through and how they handle it. Draw your inspiration from experiences.

Another way to come up with exceptional child development research paper topics is by working with professionals. This means that you should find a trained, experienced, reliable, and skilled writer to help you find a topic. There is nothing wrong with getting help from an expert. You can ask them to create a list for you to choose from.

Why is it important to find the best topic?

You may be wondering why you should stress yourself looking for a unique topic to write about. Why not just pick a topic from the internet, paraphrase it and use it for my essay? This is a sign of a lazy student.
Your essay topic will not be new, interesting, or intriguing and you risk getting poor grades. However, if you want an outstanding grade, you should look for a new and original topic. Go through existing research title examples to gain understanding.

The topic you choose should have real academic value and be of significance to the community. Your professor has probably read similar papers over and over again. This is why yours needs to stand out from the rest so, find unique dissertation topics on child development to write about. Go the extra mile and impress your administrator, do not settle for the bare minimum.

In case you are still struggling to come up with topics, here is a comprehensive list of all the child development research paper topics you can write about that are relevant in 2021;

General child development essay topics

General topics can cover almost anything in the field of child development. All you need to do is pick a critical issue to discuss concerning the development of children and formulate a topic around it. Be ready and willing to carry out extensive research to attain the required information for your paper.

Below is a list of some general child development research topics you can use for your essay;
1. What part does movement play in the development of children?
2. Discuss the stimulation process of language in early years
3. How does the psychology of a child change as they grow?
4. Identify the major stages of child development from birth to adulthood
5. Discuss the cognitive, emotional, and social elements of growth and development in children
6. How does clean air and nature improve a child’s cognitive development?
7. Discuss external and internal factors that affect the development of children
8. Who is Erik Erikson, and what is his contribution to child development
9. How does growing up in a literate community impact child development
10. How does playing with a parent and other children affect the growth of a child?

Current topics for child development

Even though all the topics listed are unique and relatable, some topics are more suited and current with our current situation. These children development research topics include;
1. How the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown has affected children
2. Discuss the four types of parenting
3. The importance of a green and sustainable environment to children’s development
4. Why mental disorders such as depression are becoming more common among teenagers
5. The importance of speaking to a mature person and its impact on a child’s development
6. How can you help a child with childhood issues readjust into the society
7. The repercussions a child faces if they fail to develop properly within all the stages
8. The impact formation years of a child have in their adult life
9. Discuss the challenges teenagers face as part of their development
10. What is The importance of parents understanding how children grow.

Topics based on the stages of child development

There are several stages that the average human beings undergo as they form into a fully functioning member of society. Parents need to pay attention to the development of their children in each stage. Here are some child development topics based on these stages of development;

1. Which stages of development are considered the most important and why?
2. What are the stages of development, and what are the unique characteristics of each?
3. How parents can identify abnormalities or mental issues with the development process of their children at each stage
4. The effect of changing a child’s environment, like getting a divorce in their early developmental stages
5. The benefits of social interactions to a child especially in their learning stages
6. What do parent-child arguments during the teen years indicate
7. Describe the attributes of transitioning periods from one stage to another
8. How to deal with reading and dyslexia challenges in children
9. Discuss the coping mechanisms people adopt as they interact with people from different stages and with different personalities
10. The impacts and benefits of formal education in developing a child’s cognition.

Developmental psychology paper topics

The mental health of children is important and crucial. This is why there are numerous developmental psychology topics you can write on. In the early stages of life, children are highly impressionable, their minds are curious, and they are still being modeled.

Here is a list of topics you can choose from;
1. What effects do growing up in a violent household have on a child
2. How can you properly take care of a child’s mental health
3. What are the main psychology processes of a child
4. Discuss the concept of sociocultural theory
5. How to avoid psychological underdevelopment in children
6. How do different parenting styles affect the physical activity level of children
7. Can be teaching a child sign language deter their speech development
8. What are the causes of deviant behavior in children
9. How do physical rewards encourage children to complete tasks
10. At what point should a child seek the help of a psychologist.

Middle school research topics

For middle school and high school essays, topics should be easy to research while maintaining uniqueness. At this level, you will struggle with more complex topics. Here are a few research topics for kids you can use;
1. How does music influence a child’s reading and learning abilities
2. What are the impacts of growing up without a father or father figure
3. What are the theories of child development, and how do they emerge
4. Why are children more creative than adults
5. What is the importance of socialization in early childhood
6. What are the stages of child development
7. What is a childcare center, and what is its role
8. Discuss how house chores and duties enhance a child’s sense of responsibility
9. How can behavioral issues be solved correctly
10. Analyze what counts as good sleep and how is it good for child development

Final remarks

Child development is an important concept towards understanding life, how people behave, and why people are different. Many subjects can be studied under child development issues. This also means that child development research paper topics that you can write about are in plenty. Finding the right one may require more effort than just using the internet. This write-up has given your insight. In case you need writing services help or clarification, contact us.

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