Childhood Trauma

All papers must be typed, doublespaced and spell checked. Writing level for graduate students: Students graduating from the MSW program enter the professional practice and research arena and are expected to communicate orally and in writing at a professional level. This expectation includes exhibiting care in the preparation of written materials, responsiveness to guidelines, as well as appropriate skill in language usage. Unedited, misspelled, grammatically incorrect, or carelessly organized work is not appropriate or creditable. The Writing Center at the School is available to all students and should be contacted promptly by any student whose self-evaluation or faculty evaluation reveals a need to improve skills. Referencing and citation of all written work throughout this course should be according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition. Instructional materials are available in the library or online ( Full referencing and citation is expected in all written work.

This assignment is designed to:
1. Help you explore a particular area of social work practice, and become familiar with the National Opinion Research Center’s (NORC’s) General Social Survey (GSS);
2. Develop research questions in researchable terms from the GSS or an original study; and
3. Get you started on the final class project (the research proposal).

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Childhood Trauma
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A. Select a research problem in social work or social welfare of interest to you. (Childhood Trauma)

B. Provide a statement of the research problem you have selected for study. It should include:
• A brief background placing the importance of the problem in social context;
• A discussion of why it is important to study with respect to social work practice, policy and research; and
• A brief and preliminary review of related literature in this area of study. Locate at least 2 articles that inform the research problem. One of these should be an empirical study.

Some examples of research questions from original studies by former students
• Does the separation of the family due to drug abuse by the mother affect the family’s ability to function healthily after successful reunification?
• For homeless women, how does present and past trauma affect the image of the self, including body?
• Does therapist self-disclosure facilitate or impede psychotherapy with clients?For more information on Childhood Trauma read this:

Childhood Trauma

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