101+ best commemorative speech topics in 2021

101+ best commemorative speech topics in 2021

You might be asked to give a speech during a graduation ceremony at your university. You will need to express your gratitude to the institution, teachers, family, and fellow students in your commemorative speech topics.

Giving a speech takes a lot of preparation which includes finding the best speech topics and writing the speech. Before you can start writing your speech, you need to understand “what is a commemorative speech?”

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101+ best commemorative speech topics in 2021
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A commemorative speech is a talk that you give in various places and institutions to celebrate an event, occurrence, person, or idea. The subject that you present in your speech will depend on the demands of the situation or occasions.

In some instances, you can include challenges that you might face in the future. For example, in your graduation ceremony speech, you can include your perception regarding the education you received and the skills you acquired. Here is a guide on categories of commemorative speech topics you can select:

Commemorative speech topics for college students

Your college instructor may ask you to write a commemorative speech as part of your class assignment. Also, you may be required to give a speech at an event.

The challenging part for most students is choosing the best commemorative speech topics. Here is a list you can use to find the best topic for your speech

  1. Tribute to prominent personalities for their contribution to a project
  2. Tribute to family members like an uncle, sibling, or parents
  3. A historic invention
  4. Tribute to a human rights movement
  5. Tribute to the role of humanity in a world that is egocentric
  6. International collaboration in environmental issues
  7. Tribute to women empowerment movement
  8. Commemorating the first human to land on the moon
  9. The resilience needed to win a sport
  10. Commemorating Christian holidays
  11. Tribute to an environmental activist
  12. Commemorating courageous policemen and policewomen
  13. Tribute to outstanding teachers and dedicated parents
  14. The value of different forms of freedom
  15. The value of being hopeful
  16. The value of being courageous
  17. Tribute to inspiring visionaries and famous people like Martin Luther
  18. The value of truth
  19. Tribute to an individual who demonstrates the strength of character and causes a positive change in the world
  20. A decision I took that made me stronger
  21. Acts of kindness that transformed my life
  22. Commemorating exemplary leadership
  23. Tribute to the creators of impactful inventions like social media
  24. Tribute to successful people who worked hard
  25. Tribute to humanity living in peace
  26. Commemorating collaboration examples that are inspiring
  27. Commemorating significant events during world war II
  28. The origin of football
  29. Genius artists

Commemorative speech topics on patriotism and general ideas

One of the commemorative speeches that you can give is about loyalty. This will depend on the occasion and the expectations of your audience.

You need to research topics and relevant examples that depict patriotism before you can start writing. Here is a commemorative speech topic list on patriotism that you can consider:

  1. Examples of extraordinary acts of loyalty
  2. Examples of independent thinking
  3. Commemorative speech topic examples of adaptability to overcome challenges
  4. Celebrating an academic milestone like solving a math problem
  5. Celebrating a milestone in science discoveries
  6. Commemorating eradication of diseases like poliomyelitis
  7. Tribute to personalities who championed the fight against illiteracy
  8. Commemorating a healthcare milestone in the century
  9. Celebrating Mayan’s great discoveries
  10. Commemorating the beginning of democracy in a particular country
  11. Celebrating inspirational lifestyle of prominent people
  12. Commemorating big scientific discoveries like DNA structure
  13. Paying tribute to your mentor
  14. Commemorating your academic success and qualifications
  15. The experience of a different climate on your first trip abroad
  16. Eulogizing a professor in your university
  17. Quality education and the opportunities that come with it
  18. Attributing your teamwork success to your college
  19. Tribute to a friendship that transcends the classroom
  20. How your college contributed to your personal growth
  21. Commemorative speech on a famous person who demonstrates intelligence, talent, and strength
  22. Significant events that changed a region after the civil war
  23. The value of perseverance that leads to an individual’s success
  24. The significant events that happened in the Vietnam War
  25. Commemorating Independence Day
  26. The value of honesty
  27. The historical impact of hospitality
  28. Remembering the connection between patriotism and democracy
  29. How the press has increased learning worldwide
  30. How teamwork contributed to your success
  31. The importance of peace in a country

Commemorative speech topics about human rights

You can write a speech on different human rights activities and significant achievements. The following are human rights commemorative speech topic examples

  1. Celebrating the achievement of civil rights movements
  2. Celebrating the achievement of the women rights movement in fighting gender-based violence
  3. Recognizing courageous leadership during the fight against terrorist attack
  4. Depicting good character of eminent people in the society
  5. Celebrating significant achievement in the children’s rights movement

Tribute speech topics for college students

You can write a speech to pay tribute to someone who has done something extraordinary or values depending on the occasion. Here are some speech ideas

  1. Paying tribute to a courageous veteran or policeman
  2. Celebrating religious values like Christianity
  3. Paying tribute to single parents in their dedication to raising their children
  4. Paying tribute to a teacher who is dedicated in his or her work
  5. Eulogy of a prominent person
  6. Paying tribute to a prominent person like a president or former president

Commemorative speech topics about family, friends, and college

When you are invited for a family celebration or an event to celebrate your friends or colleagues, you may want to give a speech. The following commemorative speech topics will help to get topic ideas

  1. Recognizing the teaching staff in your college
  2. Recognizing the achievements of your college. It can be academic work like student class achievement or extracurricular activities like sports
  3. Celebrating your brother or sister for his or her extraordinary achievement in a particular field
  4. Celebrating your parents for the good work they do
  5. Celebrating your team members
  6. Celebrating your best friend

Interesting commemorative speech topics

Your speech topic can be about anything depending on the event you are attending. The following are some interesting topics you can consider

  1. Commemoration of lost lives on 9/11
  2. Commemorating the heroes of world war II
  3. Commemorating the “Declaration of Independence”
  4. Celebrating the value of humanity
  5. Recognizing some events in your life that lead to personal development
  6. Commemorating travelers like Columbus in world history
  7. Commemorating genius scientific inventions
  8. Recognizing unique inventions in science like Newton
  9. Commemorating inspirational people like war comrades who have changed lives with their commitment

Unique Commemorative-speech topics

Some topics are suited for specific ceremonial speeches. These unique topics require thorough research so that you can present factual information. The following is a list you can use to brainstorm topic ideas

  1. Commemorating NASA and its significance
  2. Recognizing your transformation spiritually and intellectually after joining college
  3. Commemorating women who have made positive changes in the world
  4. Celebrating the time when your team won a championship
  5. Celebrating the creation of the biggest social network platform
  6. Commemorative speech on a famous person’s values and lifestyle
  7. Commemorating the eradication of poliomyelitis
  8. Celebrating the global milestone of a particular region like fighting famine or illiteracy
  9. Celebrating a milestone in the research of a specific field
  10. Celebrating a milestone in health like progress in dealing with the AIDS pandemic
  11. Commemorating the end of slavery
  12. Remembering the acts of selflessness by specific individuals
  13. Recognizing the examples of hard work.
  14. Celebrating the loyalty of an individual to you or to an organization

How to choose commemorative speech topics

Researching, writing, and presenting a speech can be an exciting experience when the topic interests you. There are different types of speeches that you can write about.

This makes it essential for you to understand the commemorative definition before researching and writing your speech: commemorative means a memorial, celebration, or a tribute to someone, something, or a significant event.

This understanding will guide you in the right direction. The following steps are considered when researching a commemorative speech idea

Steps for writing a commemorative speech

When writing your commemorative speech, your goal is to inspire your listeners to remember different memories. It should be a time to reflect, praise, and celebrate specific memories.

These are the characteristics your audience will be looking for, make sure your writing expresses them. These are the steps for writing an excellent speech:

1.   Understand the occasion

Perform research and understand the type of event you are preparing to attend and present your speech. You can reach out to the people organizing the event or the management and ask for the theme and any useful information for your speech.

The event can be a reunion, anniversary, dedication, or memorial service. This information will help you tailor your work according to the occasion.

When writing a speech for a regular event, you can reach out to earlier speakers. Find out what they presented in previous celebrations.

Sometimes you may be required to write a speech about an event that is happening once. Get some tips from your professors and seniors.

2.   Understand your audience

Research about your audience and find out their expectations and hopes. It is essential to know who your listeners are and their beliefs and values. Understand their preferences and choose your commemorative speech topics accordingly.

3.   Recognize and honor qualities

Make sure your commemorative speech highlights the qualities of organizations and people and honors them. Your speech should not only list the qualities but also ensure your audience celebrates them.

Choose a topic that is original and not identical to what other speakers have previously presented. Your commemorative speech should be meaningful and delivers a specific message. Offer value to your audience and make an impact with your speech.

Commemorative speech outline

Present your commemorative speech in a way that will capture your audience’s attention so they can listen from beginning to end. Impress your audience with your speech and let them understand it. Here is a commemorative speech outline you can use

1.   Introduction

Start your commemorative speech with value to capture your audience’s attention. When paying tribute to a person, talk about his or her significant actions or decisions. This acts as a hook.

Explain how the person has contributed to science or society. This will capture the attention of your audience.

When paying tribute to an event or a place, demonstrate its significance and features that are inspiring. Refer to what unites people around it.

2.   Provide details in the body section

Write what motivates you, including your ideas and thoughts relating to the occasion or event. Share reasons for giving the commemorative speech and switch to the topic of discussion. Write why your subject needs attention and why you are paying tribute to him or her.

Provide examples

Explain your reasons with clear examples. List the person’s achievements and show their goals.

Write about the person’s value and the significance of their contribution. Share related stories so that your audience can understand you better.

Write about benefits

Explain the benefits of a person’s actions that make it necessary to pay tribute to them. Share their journey of success.

Explain the importance of their actions and the lessons people can learn from. This is how you can create a sense of oneness and unite your audience with your commemorative speech topics.

Relate to the present situation

Share the relevance of your examples and tribute speech to the work of your audience and their personal lives. Show how those beliefs can help people in their daily lives. Share how to apply them and become more successful.

3.   Conclusion

Restate the central message of your speech and use bright expressions so that your audience can remember your speech. Emphasize the significance of your speech and the occasion.

Share sentiments that bring your audience closer. Add a funny phrase as you bring your speech to a close and end with a final statement.

How to find great topics for speeches

You need to prepare well for your commemorative speech presentation. Your preparation should include finding the most suitable topic for your speech.

The process of researching and selecting a topic is not easy, and it may take a few days before you find a perfect fit. Here is a guide that can help you in selecting commemorative speech topics

1.   Find great samples

Perform research for topic ideas and look for commemorative speech manuscript examples to find inspiration. Browsing the internet to find ideas that will help you develop topics that can match the event you plan to attend. You will also find new insights that can make your presentation interesting.

2.   Brainstorm topic ideas

commemorative speech topics

Write down the ideas you have researched and brainstorm each idea to find the most engaging commemorative speech topics. Make sure you have enough time to look at the topic ideas.

The brainstorming stage may take a long time before you can decide on a topic. It can take a few days, so ensure you allocate enough time for it.

3.   Research your target audience

The success of your speech depends on the audience. Make sure you research and find useful information about your audience.

This information will enable you to write a speech that will be more effective. You can talk to the event organizers or the event manager and find out the group’s interests.

Know what they believe in, their likes, dislikes, and age group. This way, your audience will resonate with you.

They will find your speech interesting, and you will have their attention from start to finish. When presenting your speech, you may refer to somebody in the audience.

You can ask for the guest list before the event day. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the names and avoid the embarrassment of not knowing the name of the person you want to refer to.

4.   Add value

Choose an informative topic and make it thoughtful. When you are paying tribute to a specific person, talk about their accomplishments and contributions to society.

Make sure your speech will inspire and encourage your audience. Connect it to the central idea of your message so that your audience can learn something as they get inspired.

5.   Do not plagiarize

Make sure your topic is 100% unique. Avoid plagiarism and check your speech to confirm that it does not resemble the speech of someone else.

In case you choose to use a commemorative speech manuscript example, paraphrase the topic. You can use the idea of the example but write the speech using your own words. Add your voice to your writing so that it is personalized.

How to write a tribute speech

When giving a tribute speech, make sure it is coherent so that you can keep your audience focused. Structure your speech well so that it flows smoothly from start to finish.

A tribute speech outline will ensure your speech is flowing, and you will write your speech faster. An outline acts as a roadmap that will guide you in the writing process.

It is the best way to note down the main points of your speech so that you do not forget them. You can research online and get inspiration from short tribute speech examples. The following are tips that you need to include in your tribute speech

1.   Be consistent

The sequence of your text should be logical for the outcome of your speech to be good. Ensure your tribute speech is well structured so that your listeners do not get confused. A coherent speech will ensure your audience is attentive throughout your speech.

2.   Rehearse your commemorative speech topics

Practice will make your speech perfect. Practice your speech in front of your friend, classmate, or family member. Receive honest feedback and do not take their comments personally. 

Ask them for honest feedback and use their suggestions to fix errors in your speech. Practice until your speech is well polished and you are ready for the event.

3.   Focus on the subject and not you

Do not focus too much on yourself but on your subject. It may not be necessary for you to introduce yourself.

Focusing on your subject instead of yourself makes people more involved in your speech. It can also encourage people to connect with you, and you can gain new acquaintances at the end of your speech.

4.   Interact with your audience

The best way to keep your audience alert and engaged is to interact with them during your speech presentation. It is not necessary to ask for comments from your audience, but you can pause briefly in the middle of your speech.

You may be presenting funny commemorative speech topics. This type of speech can bring forth a lot of emotions from the audience.

Do not hurry to continue giving your speech instead, allocate some time for the emotions and feelings. The brief pauses in your speech allow you to interact with your audience by allowing the information to digest. It also creates a connection.

5.   Be Relevant

You may be writing famous commemorative speeches or how-to speech ideas. Make sure you connect with your audience. The language and tone of voice should be appealing.

Look at the age group and other demographics of your audience. Choose examples specific to your audience so that they can relate to what you are saying. When your values speech topics are relevant, your audience will be interested in your speech.

Key takeaway

Commemorative speech topics are supposed to inspire your audience and unite them by bringing them closer. When writing your speech, take time and select a unique and relevant topic for your audience. Research and brainstorm your topic so that you can offer value.  Make sure your text is coherent and be consistent in your presentation.

When you choose a good topic, and you prepare well for your speech, your audience will be engaged throughout your presentation. The end of your speech should make an impact on your audience for your speech to be successful. To learn more on the best commemorative speech topics, reach us by clicking here.

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