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Create a PowerPoint of an overview of your project on hand hygiene and disease prevention presented to your household. Then record the presentation of all phases of the education project (this is different from the one used at your event, if you created one for that purpose). This will be presented as if you are in front of a group of peers explaining how your community education project was planned, developed, implemented, and how the outcomes were achieved and then how you evaluated if your goals were met. The presentation should detail how information was obtained, how you targeted your audience (mother, father, sister and grandmother). Explain the hand washing process that each individual did and how successful each of them used. (Handwashing was done using gloves and color paint to see what common spots were missed). Also, how you informed the audience on disease prevention (showcased foods to avoid and foods to be consumed on a day to day basis). (Poster board was used with general information on disease prevention/handwashing & info graphic was used) Talk about that.

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community health nursing Assignments | Custom Assignments Help
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