Community Service-based Project

This assignment and the ‘special assignment’ are from the same course. You could use the same readings materials that used before.BLOG #1Post here your first blog (3 blogs totally) based on your experience (Institute for food; Farm)Your BLOGS will be between 400-500 words in total, and must include the following:- A title and the date of your visit to the farm.
– What you did and what you learned in the field.
– Personal considerations on how the work and experience you had that day relate to one of the readings we are covering. Be specific: to what readings your work and experience made you think of, and why?
– two or more photos that are descriptive or show what you did that date

The instructions of the whole project:
An essential component of this class and your grade is the Service-Learning/Experiential-Learning. Besides class meetings, part of your time and commitment in this course consists in participating to a community service-based project. After each of your service and experiential learning meetings, you will write a blog, a research paper and a reflection. To receive full grade for the experiential-learning, it is your responsibility to attend each meeting of the project with the organization you chose to work with, and to submit 3 blogs on Canvas based on your specific experience by the due date.

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Community Service-based Project
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Community Service-based Project

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