Computer Forensics

As mentioned in the announcements, the goal of this project is for all students to further their interests in a particular topic by developing their own research question and then designing + reporting on their outcomes. This means that your research question should move beyond the scope of “What is ___?” Please come up with a unique research question (i.e. How does X impact company Y?/How does X change the way US society function?). DO NOT submit projects answering these two example questions; these are only examples of how complex I want your research questions to be.

Any projects that do not follow this guideline will see a significant impact on their grade. Along with this guideline, please adhere to the following requirements below when writing your papers:

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Computer Forensics
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Student must work individually on his/her own topic
Must be a topic from the covered lectures, but the ideas should be researched
Must be 6-10 pages long
Written portion must be in 12 pt. font and double spaced
Must include a cover page and bibliography (use as many sources as necessary; neither pages are counted towards page requirement)
Absolutely no plagiarism.For more information on Computer Forensics read :

Computer Forensics

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