COVID-19 Research Paper

Research Question: How has COVID-19 Social Distance learning affected students with pre-existing mental conditions?

All resources must be editorial articles directly related to COVID learning.

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COVID-19 Research Paper
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INSTRUCTIONS for submitting FINAL Proposal PAPER

Read Carefully and follow instructions thoroughly.

Make sure to use APA format and proofread carefully for format, spelling, grammar, revision, etc. before submitting your work.

Submit your final paper on Canvas. Check format before and after uploading. You are responsible for submitting a correctly written and formatted paper that can be accessed by your instructor.

I urge you to submit your final paper on Canvas by no later than Thursday, December 10, 2020 BEFORE 11:59 pm, the official deadline for the final paper.


For article reviews, present in both report and proposal papers:

Briefer article reviews.pdf

For those writing the final proposal paper:

Peer review checklist of proposal draft.docx

Samples for an abstract.pdf

Imperfect samples for final proposal paper:

Perceptions of police proposal mid-B paper.pdf

final proposal B- paper.pdf

Proposal sample C paper.pdf

I strongly suggest using this opportunity to learn about writing APA reports by writing one. Samples are good but we are unlikely to learn much if we simply mimic what we see in a sample!

APA Manual and Purdue OWL:

APA Manual 6th Edition.pdf
(Links to an external site.)

apa_quick sheet 7th edition.pdf


apa6thedition cheat sheet for references included on reference page.pdf

Sample for abstract:

Samples for an abstract.pdf


In grading your final paper, the final research proposal will be assessed by comparing it against previous drafts of the introduction and method. I am looking for the revisions that led to an improved final paper across drafts.

While members are allowed to discuss their work on the paper together, the writing in the paper should not be identical.

What I see in your final proposal paper should, as mentioned above, show evidence of your rewrites since each time you have submitted a section of what is now the final research proposal. For a previously submitted section to earn new points, you will show evidence that it has been revised.

To earn the maximum points available, avoid making repeat errors that have been commented on in previous papers. Attend to your document organization, writing, and formatting. Proofread for use of APA format and to fix and errors in grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation, etc.


Be sure to submit your paper in an approved format. You are responsible for making sure the paper meets all of the requirements listed before you submit it. You are responsible for making sure that the document you submit can be opened, such that the paper is available (on time) for grading,
Use the resources provided to thoroughly proofread your paper before submitting it for grading. Your pre-submission responsibilities include making sure you have proofread for complete required content, correctness of information, revision, page setup, APA format, grammar, spelling, etc.
NO plagiarism is acceptable. Any paper that contains plagiarism will not be graded for content; a zero will automatically be earned for the final paper assignment.
Previously submitted work should show clear evidence of revision and rewrite. Submission (aka re-submission) of mostly un-revised work cannot earn new credit. See the grading rubric.
New, not previously submitted work, such as the Discussion, should not consist of un-revised rough drafts. For those newly added sections, you are expected to proofread and revise to correct errors before submitting that work.

The rubric included with this assignment will be used to assign points to the final paper. Please thoroughly review it! ASK QUESTIONS!

Final Paper Report or proposal rubric.For more information on COVID-19 Research Paper check this:

COVID-19 Research Paper

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