Criminal Justice Theory

Criminal Justice Theory in Practice

Below, please find Short Response Assignment 2 which is worth 10% of the overall grade for this course. There are two questions which have been taken from various chapters of the textbook. Each question should be at least one page in length and in size 12 font Times New Roman, double-spaced.

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Criminal Justice Theory
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Short Response Assignment 2



1. Identify an exonerated case and determine the cause(s) of why it was exonerated and then discuss remedies. What additional measures can take place to increase the reliability of eyewitness testimony? What should happen to police who plant evidence or prosecutors who withhold evidence? How can the system increase the reliability of scientific evidence?


2. What factors may influence both true/false positives and false negatives? (e.g. social, psychological, and biological backgrounds, education, etc.)For more information on Criminal Justice Theory read :

Criminal Justice Theory

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