Cross-Cultural Awareness Training

Design a cross-cultural awareness training program for your current (or fictitious) organization. Benchmark ideas from two top global organizations. You may use peer reviewed articles and company websites for help with your research. Be sure that two of your sources are in addition to the required weekly readings. Include the following components in your training program:

Training Topics and rationale for these topics
Training Medium (e.g., in-person, group, e-learning)
Length of training
Detail about who will receive this training
Detail on how to monitor and measure progress and training success
Information on recertification training, if necessary.

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Cross-Cultural Awareness Training
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Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, excluding title page and References section.

Grading Criteria

Content Criteria
Total: 4


Training program clearly meets content requirements.


Ideas from top global organizations are used to lend support to proposed ideas.


Areas including training topics, training medium, length of training, training participants, monitoring and measuring progress and training success, and recertification are included in the plan.


Writing and Organization Criteria
Total: 2


Writing style is clear and concise.


Tone is academic and appropriate for the content and assignment.


Thesis statement is clearly articulated.


Structure is logical, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Flow is maintained by effective transitions.


Rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are followed.


Adherence to APA formatting requirements is evident.


Research Criteria
Total: 2


Sources are credible (preferably peer-reviewed), varied, relevant, and current (published within past five years); use of seminal work (e.g. Freud) is encouraged.


Sources inform analysis, evaluation, problem-solving and decision-making.


Includes required number of professional/scholarly sources.


Addresses ethical considerations in research when appropriate.For more information on Cross-Cultural Awareness Training read :

Cross-Cultural Awareness Training

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