Death of a Salesman

I need to write a 9 page double spaced essay based on the written play “death of a salesman’ by Arthur Miller, proving my thesis which is:
Willy Loman is a tragic figure causing his own downfall.
We need to use 2 primary evidences to help with evidence in the essay (scholar articles) but it is stressed to used more evidence from the play. Also need a work cited page

Below are instructions from my professor
Just to remind you that you need a general introduction about the author.
Then you move to the work you’re focusing on and then you include your
thesis, which is the LAST sentence of your introduction. The thesis should
include the author’s name and title. The thesis is NOT the first sentence
of your introduction. It’s the LAST.

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Death of a Salesman
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Read Miller’s essay “Tragedy and the Common Man” online.

He definitely sees Willy as tragic and the common man as proper subject for tragedy. If

he’s tragic, what is his tragic flaw? What causes him to fall?


Below are some work cited that can be used

Martin, Robert A. “The Nature of Tragedy in Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman.’” South Atlantic Review, vol. 61, no. 4, 1996, pp. 97–106. JSTOR, Accessed 16 May 2020.


Miller, Arthur. “Death of a Salesman.” The Norton Anthology of Drama. Peter Simon, 3rd edition, W.W. Norton, 2018, 1047-1118


Miller, Arthur. “Tragedy of the Common Man.” The Norton Anthology of Drama. Peter Simon, 3rd edition, W.W. Norton, 2018, 1119-1122.For more information on Death of a Salesman read :

Death of a Salesman

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