Disaster Recovery Plan

For this assignment you will be creating a 10-12 page PowerPoint presentation disaster recovery plan, along with a script for the presentation. The presentation will be based on a disaster recovery scenario, which is about a train derailment and has been uploaded in the documents. Please refer directly to the scenario in the plan and do not attempt to use a separate scenario, because that would result in an automatic failure. For the script please indicate which part aligns with the corresponding slide. You will not be recording any audio, also this project does not have to do with COVID 19 so use the contract tracing pdf as a general direction, not a guide. Please use BOTH the Scoring Rubric AND the Instructions as a guide.

Here are more instructions directly from the instruction PDF (Which is uploaded in files):

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Disaster Recovery Plan
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Develop a disaster recovery plan for the Vila Health community that will lessen health disparities and improve access to services after a disaster. Refer back to the Vila Health: Disaster Recovery Scenario to understand the Vila Health community.
Assess community needs.
Consider resources, personnel, budget, and community makeup.
Identify the people accountable for implementation of the plan and describe their roles.
Focus on specific Healthy People 2020 goals.
Include a timeline for the recovery effort.
Apply the MAP-IT (Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track) framework to guide the development of your plan:
Mobilize collaborative partners.
Assess community needs.
Use the demographic data and specifics related to the disaster to identify the needs of the community and develop a recovery plan. Consider physical, emotional, cultural, and financial needs of the entire community.
Include in your plan the equitable allocation of services for the diverse community.
Apply the triage classification to provide a rationale for those who may have been injured during the train derailment. Provide support for your position.
Include in your plan contact tracing of the homeless, disabled, displaced community members, migrant workers, and those who have hearing impairment or English as a second language in the event of severe tornadoes.
Plan to lessen health disparities and improve access to services.
Implement a plan to reach Healthy People 2020 objectives.
Track and trace-map community progress.
Use the CDC’s Contract Tracing Resources for Health Departments as a template to create your contact tracing.
Describe the plan for contact tracing during the disaster and recovery phase.
Develop a slide presentation of your disaster recovery plan with an audio recording of you presenting your assessment of the Vila Health: Disaster Recovery Scenario for city officials and the disaster relief team. Be sure to also include speaker notes.

For more information on Disaster Recovery Plan read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disaster_recovery

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