Early Automatons

It is recommended you read the questions and get an idea of what to focus on before reading the material.

Please provide a clear and direct answer to the week’s question based on provided material. Write in paragraphs using complete sentences (no bullet points). Students may draw on the course readings for supporting evidence in their answers wherever relevant.

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Early Automatons
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Question 1) no more than 250 words

Can an automaton be used to explain some aspect of the world? Why or why not? Please refer to at least one specific automaton in your answer.


Question 2)

Prepare two questions for discussion in tutorial. These questions should relate directly to this week’s readings and/or the content of this week’s lecture. The aim of these questions is to facilitate thoughtful and informed tutorial discussion. You should avoid purely factual questions (e.g., “When was the article published?”) or questions which can be easily answered with one or two sentences. An ideal discussion question is one which requires you to think about the meaning and implications of the source material.

For more information on Early Automatons read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automaton

Early Automatons

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