Economic Conditions

I am looking for 4 pages summarizing the state of the US Economy based on your research.

Additionally, I want you to write 4 pages on what you would do to get the economy back on track? I would limit your 1or 2 ideas to reforming

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Economic Conditions
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(tax reform, health care, education, infrastructure, energy, the budget process, job creation, our national deficit, trade policy…) – if you try to mention too many things it will be difficult. Please get articles and data that back up your ideas.

You can also go to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics ( to get information on current economic conditions . There is alot of information on Productivity, Unemployment, Inflation, The National Debt, and our Balance of Trade. Now, I don’t expect you to understand all of it, but I do expect you to have some indication of where the economy stands today.

Places you can go for information: more information on Economic Conditions read :

Economic Conditions

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