Environment Science

Please write three articles based on the following three questions. Write one page per article. Each question corresponds to an article. (expect 200-300 words):

1) Ecological Footprint Calculation. Calculate your individual ecological footprint. Describe the major contributors of your lifestyle to your ecological footprint. What can you do to reduce your footprint?

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Environment Science
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2) Pick an ecosystem (eg hydrothermal vent, temperate forest, Arctic tundra, semi-arid desert, etc.). Describe the abiotic and biotic components that make it unique from other ecosystems. What could you measure that would indicate the “health” of this ecosystem as the climate changes.

3) Describe an “environmental success story”, a case study of an area/resource/system that has recovered. Describe the increased ecosystem goods and services that are once again provided to society that were not existent in its degraded state.For more information on Environment Science read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_science

Environment Science

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