Ethical Issue

1) Pick a movie about the media.

Watch the movie.

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Ethical Issue
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3) Identify what you think are the most important ethical or legal issue or issues in the movie’s plot.

4) Write a 600-word essay that examines those issues and the way they were addressed.

Your essay must include:

– an introduction with a thesis

– a brief overview of the film as it relates to the ethical issue you have chosen to write about

– a close examination of the ethical issue that uses specific examples from the film

– a consideration of whether you think the actions taken in regards to the ethical issue were in line with the laws and codes we learned about this semester. You should cite examples from the readings we did, or from your own independent research

– a conclusion that determines whether you believe the ethical issues were addressed correctly and why; or incorrectly and why

Movies to consider

The Post
Absence of Malice
Almost Famous
Nobody Speak (only available on Netflix)
A Private War
Live from Baghdad
Shattered Glass.For more information on Ethical Issue read :

Ethical Issue

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