Evidence from Firsthand Experience

In this section you learned about skin, bones and muscle. For this discussion you will answer the following questions.

Pick your favorite muscle in the body
Describe what it is attached to
Describe its function, muscle action

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Evidence from Firsthand Experience
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Discussion Board Guidelines: You must write a one paragraph response that addresses the discussion board questions. Initial responses should demonstrate an understanding of the concepts presented in the lesson by providing evidence from firsthand experience and/or research.

Please respond to one of your colleagues. The peer response should be a minimum of one paragraph.

When responding, be sure to advance the learning by including at least two of the following components:

offering advice
posing a question
providing an alternative point-of-view
acknowledging similar experiences
M2A5 Module 2 Discussion BoardFor more information on Evidence from Firsthand Experience read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firsthand_learning

Evidence from Firsthand Experience

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