Executive Presentation

Write no more than 10 pages (not including the reference or title page), double-spaced, 12-point font.
Create a title page with APA formatting.
Use headings to guide the reader and focus your writing.
Introduction with a clear thesis statement presented by the end and a clear conclusion.
Provide your survey and research model in an appendix of your paper.
Use APA citations throughout and a reference page.
Use appendices to attach the infographic and any additional charts or visuals that would be helpful to communicate your ideas or strategy to support the organization’s goals.
You have been asked to present your survey and data that was collected from your 6.1 assignment as a potential consultant. The organization is looking for someone who can develop measurement tools that are reliable, valid, and rigorously designed. You will bring in aspects of multiple assignments you have completed in this course as part of your presentation to discuss your expertise in the area of psychometrics you defined.

1. Survey Briefing

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Executive Presentation
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Provide a briefing for the leaders at the organization to outline the following:
What you are measuring and how you define this construct (including antecedents and outcomes, citations provided throughout).
Your skillset as a consultant; your value-added to the company.
Explanation of psychometric development and best practices.
The importance of measuring and creating action around this construct in the workplace.
An overview of the specific survey: questions asked, the purpose of all questions, informed consent handling, adjustments made to get to the final state,
Your research model.
This is a narrative about yourself and the importance of the construct. There should be a professional title page. This section should be no more than 2-3 pages double-spaced.
2. Data Collection and Analysis

Using the data collected from your survey provide a cursory analysis of your findings that includes the following:
Basic data overviews (means, sample descriptive statistics, etc.) displayed in an APA style table.
A narrative of what you are seeing in the data.
What the data means in relation to your definition of the construct you were hoping to capture.
Describe the ethics of collecting human data and handling of information.
How the antecedents and consequences are incorporated and what they mean in the relation of the construct of interest.
You should touch on each construct that is defined in your model and discuss how it is measured.
Discussion and Limitations
Consider the limitations of the data and the potential implication of misinterpreting the information gathered from your survey.
You must also touch on the reliability and validity of the tests used within your survey, what these statistics mean, and why your survey should be trusted/used.
Submit an Excel file of your raw data.
This overview should be no more than five pages double-spaced not including figures and tables. You should have clear headings used throughout this section to organize topics and discussion for the reader.
3. Key Take-Away Graphic

Create some sort of graphic (single slide, infographic, etc.) to present overarching details, findings, and value from your survey and the construct(s) you are measuring. This can be done in any medium that best supports the points you wish to make in your presentation. Consider the following points to help create a storyline for your graphic:

Basic background to your construct and definition.
The importance/significance of the construct to leaders and/or employees.
The value-added and impact on employees if they chose to invest in measuring this in their company.
Potential outcomes or recommendations that could be derived from data collected from your survey.
What action could be taken to improve (or prevent if it is something that should be avoided)?
When creating a graphic, you should have a clear story you want to tell so you can guide the animation, and the purpose is not missed. This image can be inserted in an appendix at the end of your paper.For more information on Executive Presentation check this:

Executive Presentation


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