Exploratory Analysis

Use various research concepts and strategies to locate 3-4 new sources on a topic related to your rhetorical analysis essay and use them to explore some complicated aspects of that topic. Write a 5-7 page essay (CSC-Style) in which you summarize your sources, explore all points of view presented by those texts (by responding to the ideas presented in them and putting the texts in conversation with one another), and reflect on your learning and research process.


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Exploratory Analysis
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This essay is not thesis-driven. You will not have an argument for or against an issue. You will not be defending or attacking any author, text, or claim.


Instead, this essay invites you to explain to your reader how these texts have shaped your thinking about the issue and deepened your understanding of what is complicated about it. It asks you to contemplate what is valid or useful, but also what is problematic, about the points each text raises.


(My rhetoric analysis essay was on the Donald Trump/Joe Biden Presidential debate: audience.)For more information on Exploratory Analysis check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploratory_data_analysis

Exploratory Analysis

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