Facial Recognition Technology

Length: 7 pages, not including cover page or bibliography (double-spaced, 12-
point font)References: At least 5 academic and/or case law references including Canadian
examples.Assignment DescriptionFacial Recognition TechnologyIn parts of the United States and Can

ada, police are using facial recognition to
detect crime at a growing rate. Do you think these types of initiatives should
continue in Canada?
Your answer must be supported with reference to criminological principles and
theories covered in the course material.

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Facial Recognition Technology
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please use theories from crime and criminology ( chapters 1 to 4)  Crime and Criminology: An Introduction to Theory, Third Canadian Edition
by Rob White (Author), Lauren Eisler (Author), Fiona Haines (Author)

For more information on Facial Recognition Technology read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_recognition_system

Facial Recognition Technology

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