Field Study Observation

Sociological Perspectives and Social Groups WorksheetPart 1
Complete the following table by describing how each sociological perspective views each concept. Each response should be 25 to 40 words.


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Field Study Observation
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Perspective Marriage Family Education Religion



Symbolic Interactionist



Part 2
Respond to the following in 50 to 75 words each:

1.    Describe the characteristics of primary and secondary groups and how these groups function in society.


2.    Explain the main differences between primary and secondary groups.


3.    Describe the different aspects of group dynamics that influence social groups.





You’ll be looking at how each of the 3 theories/perspectives “see” the concepts or institutions of marriage, family, education and religion. I like to think of these theories/perspectives as lenses through which to view something. If you put on different prescription lenses and look at the same thing, depending on which prescription you are wearing you are going to see things differently. You’ll notice different details, some will be clear and some will be blurry, and you’ll have different sets of questions to ask. So, depending on whether you are looking through the lens of functionalism, conflict theory or symbolic interaction theory, you will see these 4 different societal institutions (like the institutions of family, for example) differently. You’ll notice different things about them and ask different questions about them. That’s what you should be filling in the boxes of the worksheet.


Also, don’t forget to answer the 3 questions at the bottom of the worksheet as well, and include your APA references!


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